What is the ratio of imports and non-imports for our game? It is something I've never had properly explained, probably because it is complicated. And how do we go about changing the name of our home grown boys from non-imports to...perhaps 'domestics', or something a little less foreign?

They changed the rule not long ago, and I didn't really keep up, but I believe it is:

20 Non-imports

19 Imports

3 QB's of either nationality. Which basically means American.

Total of 42 on the active roster.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Didn't they change the roster to 44? or was it 40 changed to 42?

I think you are allowed a 46 man roster, but I could be wrong about that.

46 sounds right

There is a 46 man active roster, and a 42 man game day roster.
You must name your 42 men off the 46 man an hour before the kick-off.
I believe the 20-19-3 numbers given earlier are correct, with, I believe, two of the 19 imports as designated imports, which means for one of them to play, one of the other imports must come off the field.

Then there are practice roster guys.

The reason the term "non-import" is used, is because a player who is American born, but didn't go to school in the States can be a non-import.
And there are a few other complications in that regard.
Ben Cahoon for example is an American citizen, but went to high school(?) in Canada...or some such.

46 man active roster
42 man dressed roster
20 Non imports
19 Imports - 3 of which are Designated imports
3 Quarterbacks(NI/I/whatever)

the Roster got expanded to 42 from 39 back before the 2006 season during the implementation of the SMS.

Teams are also allowed a 7 man Development roster.

the 6th Spot must used by a Canadian
the 7th spot must be a Canadian Rookie(or draft pick or one who was draft eligible w/e)

it's not that complicated really.

But we really should change the name - non-import is almost a double negative.
Our boys should be 'domestics'.
The US guys should be 'imports;.

How about:


:lol: :lol: