Non Import Rule ... Slightly Modified.

  1. Maintain the current number of non-imports (approx. 24).

  2. Allow imports who have completed 5 seasons in the CFL to be considered as a special status non-import.

  3. Allow half (but not more) of the required non-imports to be of this special status.

I believe the Canadian integrity of the league will still be maintained.

The purpose of the import rule is to get players who have played Canadian grid-iron football in college; not necessarily Canadian born players.

After all, who has played more Canadian grid-iron football: Your average CIAU player or an import who has played 5 or more seasons in the CFL?

no its to get Canadian players

in CANADIAN college, mate and I think with (on average) 4 years more in college, your average CIAU player is gonna have more experience with the Canadian game, than an NCAA player who has never played a down Canadian style (that goes for Canadians too)

I see your point about a 5+ year vet, but the import rule on those guys is more to insure that players of Canadian born AND uni experience play, and Canadians would rather see other Canadian athletes brend in the Canadian system play than an NFL or NCAA Super Star, although having a few that make the cut play is nice as well.

the only real issue I see with the import rule is the segregation of the QBs, if that's is a rule in fact, and not just the way it is, which IMO *****, but that's just my opinion.

Nice idea though, but there is nothing wrong with the import rule.

My numbers are incorrect regarding the number of imports per team. Here are the correct numbers:

In the current collective agreement, the minimum roster size is 39 players and the maximum is 40. Not more than 18 can be imports, which includes two designed imports, but not quarterbacks.

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  1. How does the Import Player rule work?

The roster size for a CFL team is 40 players. 3 of the 40 are Quarterbacks and can be either imports or non-imports no restrictions. Of the remaining 37 players, no more than 18 may be imports. Therefore the maximum amount of imports allowed per team is 21. These numbers reflect the import player as it reads in the 2002 CBA.

What exactly is a "designated" import?

Designated Import:
An import player who may enter the game only in special team situations or to replace another import.

I think those are last year's numbers.
This year it's a 42-man roster, with a max of 19 imports and 3 DI's.

I think something should be done in encourage teams to have at least one Canadian QB, like saving the 4th stop for them.