Non-import Australian?

I read the article about Josh Bartel, the Australian-born Australian punter. One thing that confuses me is his being granted the non-import status. Does anyone know how he can come to that status? It is non-import status, not non-American status, is it not?

He classifies as Non-Import because he did not play football in the states.

But that is not the criterion for non-import.

A player who was physically resident in Canada for an aggregate of 7 years prior to turning 15 or if he’s a Canadian Citizen, was physically resident in Canada for an aggregate period of 5 years prior to turning 18.

What's on the CFL website is a summary of the import definition. The full definition is on the CFL Players Association website.

The definition of an import was not changed in the 2006 or 2010 amendment, although there were slight amendments to the exceptions in paragraph 4.

Basically, an import is someone who has played in a football game outside Canada, unless it was after they turned seventeen AND they received football training in Canada prior to turning seventeen (e.g. Canadian who played for an NCAA college team). Because Bartel has never played in a football game, he does not meet the criteria for being an import, and is therefore classed as a non-import.

Strange and confusing for sure :?

I seem to recall Ozzy was born overseas also but I can't remember what he was originally designated as.

I thought any player from a commonwealth country is non-import.

Yes, he was born in England, and qualified as a non-import. Anyone know when he moved to Canada? He attended Western Montana College for one year (1982), so in order to qualify as a non-import, either he moved to Canada by the time he was 13, or he didn't play football at WMC.

A couple of other immigrant kickers with ties to Hamilton - Ian Sunter and Dave Stala. Both of them moved to the Hamilton area in their teens, switching from soccer to football when they did. And because of that, both quailied as non-imports.

Unlike Bartel, all three lived and played football in Canada before signing as non-imports. Personally, I'd like to see the loophole that allows Bartel to be a non-import closed.

Not according to the current definition in the CFL By-laws / CFLPA CBA.