once again,the refs ruin a game by not calling infractions.other threads are complaining about bad calls,I'M NOT! my beef is with the lack of holding and offsides penalties.So the riders O-line never held once the whole game? come on,I counted dozens.I'm not a sore loser,Wpg lost to Tor. last week,but the game was called fairly.I didn't complain.Used to be the penalty stats were printed for all to see.slowly these stats are being ignored.this site doesn't show them anymore and the papers here in ont. don't print them anymore.all the other stats are still there.can someone tell me where I can find what penalties wre called last night,GOOD LUCK!

Oh be quiet about the refs already!!!!

If you saw dozens of holding infractions that were not called, then you obviously don't know what holding is!!!!

Has that ever occurred to you?

Its "offside" not "offsides"

I've watched this league for over 30 yrs.played high school and university football.I think I know what holding is!BTW,how are the Als doing?

Another loser that has to bring up a team record because he lost an argument!
It really adds to your credibility!!!

Why don't you become a CFL ref? You seem to think that being an armchair referee gives you all the qualifications you need.

I didn't lose an argument,because there isn't one to lose.I stated facts as I saw accused me of not knowing holding.I stated more facts and you call me a loser.I brought up the Als record because they are finally being called for deserving penalties and it affects their win/loss record.I/ve read most posts here and thought you(ro1313) were an intelligent respondent,but it sounds like you,re stuck in grade 3.

EVERY Oline holds EVERY game that they play. It's just a matter of the ref catching it, and deciding to throw the flag. Some teams are just better at hiding it.....

Im not a big defender of the officials either, but come on, if they called every holding infraction they see the game would 5 to 6 hrs to play. Last night BOTH Olines could have had numerous holding and procedure penalties, but do you really want to see a flag thrown on every down? I know I dont want to see that happen.

In the same thread you complain about how bad the refs are yet when I point out your childish responce about a team's record you say it was to show how good the refs are????

Looks like you not only need to learn what holding is, but also how to have a conversation/debate like an adult!

The offside calls could have been called on both teams as well. If you watch the Labour Day games today, you will see that the receivers cheat to get an edge on almost every play. The official wont call a borderline offside, but if the receiver is more than a yard offside then the flag will fly.

letsgoblue:that's my point exactly.we all know it happens ,including the refs,so why on any given day would the refs DECIDE to throw the flag against one team and not the other?I have many friends who are ex-CFL fans.when I asked them why,the answer 9 out 10 times is the refs.Take hockey,the ref watching a blatant trip doesn't call it,25,000 fans erupt.they all know it's a trip,but the ref DECIDED not to call it.Isn't he paid to call what he sees?The bigger point I'm making is that the game is losing fans because of it.I guess other fans like ro1313 think this is alright.Maybe he just hasn't lived thru all the near deaths of this league that I have.Every yr. we read a plethora of media reasons for lack of CFL support,but I've yet to read anything on this point.I know we are losing fans because of it.

uh huh!

Strange how its only an issue when your(the fans) team loses!

complain theres too many calls, then complain there werent enough…

complain complain complain…sheeeeesh

I don't want calls on every play.I want fairness in the calls that are made.ro1313;read my previous threads again,if ignorance is bliss,you must be the happiest person on the planet.BTW,this is how response is spelled.We all make mistakes,don't we?


Why does this not suprise me? A bomber fan that can not admit that it ws not the refs that lost the game but his team. Your team lost the game not the refs look for blame else where you will not get statisfaction here with blaming the refs.

Thanks for the personal stats Dan! But really the loser part just might fit. Again your team lost this game the reffing has nothing to do with your team losing. If you played football you would know this. Good football teams win games regardless of the calls. Your team got beat because of poor play now move on and take the crying towel with you!

Yes the refs were okay when the bombers were beating teams with their second string QB now is that not strange! I guess the fact that his team is missing two starting olineman is not the issue here. The fact the replacements are just not good enough that they hold and get caught! Fans that complain and blame the refs are pathetic. Go watch lawn bolwing you will like the refs there!

Does anyone here know the official ruling on how Holding is called??

Did you know that Lineman A are allowed to hold a player during the blocking on the line if its inside and they do not break off.

so if you have both arms in tight in front of you.. you can grab his jersey and push him forward.

Once he breaks and your arms go sideways and his body turns sideways .. NOW IT'S A PENALTY..

Ah he can not win the argument so he brings up the spelling! :lol: :lol:

Look man if you were to put a camera on Nate Davis tonite i guarentee you that there would be holding on absolutely every play. Its not like the game was decided by penaltys neways. Your team got beat by the better team last night so just make up for it in winnipeg next week.

Here is a story for your consideration.

I used to play hockey when I was a kid certainly by no means a professional league. Our entire team was extremely upset with the reffing one game which we lost. Our coach told us to quit complaining about the refs and if we thought it was such an easy job to go and become a ref and then you would see just how easy it was. I decided to take him up on it. I went to the referee school and became a qualified referee. in one of the games I was assigned to I missed three Penalties two of which my fellow referee caught, and one which happened 10 feet in front of me but one that I couldnt call because I was watching the play around the goal which is were the puck was. The coach was extremely upset because I couldn't make the call. I left reffing shortly after with a new appreciation and a understanding of what the refs have to deal with.

I try not to complain about the reffing in the CFL beacuse I have been down that road in hockey. Of course this being a professional league one would expect the reffing to be better than in my experience. I think instant replay is a good thing for the CFL. I think the video relpay official should have further expanded powers but that is a debate for another thread.

My point is you will never have a full appreciation for what the refs have to go through in a sporting event until you have done it yourself.