Nominees for each team


Outstanding Offensive Player: Charles Roberts
Outstanding Defensive Player: Sean Woodson
Outstanding Lineman: Tom Canada
Outstanding Canadian: Doug Brown
Outstanding Rookie: Gavin Walls




Offence: Dave Dickenson (amazing stats)
Defence: John Grace (Good Games)
Lineman: Gene Makowski (Can anyone get past the Green Wall)
Canadian: Jon Ryan (NFL Bound)
Rookie: Sandro DeAngelis (Of The Elite in the League)

Argue with me if you will, i would like to hear other thoughts

Don't you think Davis Sanchez and Kelly Wiltshire should rank a bit above Bertrand when it comes to your best Canadian player?

I'd like to list who I think should be Hamilton's nominees, but we don't know which players will be here from one day to the next. Donnovan Carter, Dave Hack, Troy Davis, and Dan Comiskey have all been released or traded in the past week, and Khari Jones was cut just before that.

Offence: Craig Yeast (leads the team in receiving. I would say McManus, but I know a lot of people would jump on me for it.)
Defence: Jason Goss (leads the team in ICs)
Lineman: James Cotton (leads the team in sacks)
Canadian: Jamie Boreham
Rookie: Tad Kornegay (Not a lot of options: A lot of good players are in their second year; rookies Jesse Lumsden, Jykine Bradley, and and Kahlil Hill would be good choices, but theyve only played a few games.)

Of course, none will get the nod for division finalist, with the possible exception of Boreham, who is by far the best field goal kicker in the league.

BigDave, you're afraid to see people jumping all over you for nominating McManus, then you go say that Jaimie Boreham is BY FAR the best field goal kicker of the league.

Peh-leaaaze !

He may have a good % of success, but he still made only 17 FG in the whole season. Hardly a gamebreaker. Duval and DeAngelis made 31 FG. Not only isn't Boreham the best by far, he isn't even the best at all.

Of course, I can't blame you for cheering for whoever does something acceptable in Hamilton. Every little victory counts. :wink:

And, just out of curiosity, why did you not nominated Barrenechea?

63 tackles, 2 interceptions, 2 fumble recovery, 3 sacks... and he's Canadian. He could be both your defensive guy and your Canadian representative.

Barrenechea...good point! You're right, actually; make him my defensive nominee.

Boreham has only had 20 attempts because the Cats haven't been able to get into field goal range very often. That's not the kicker's fault. But he's made 17 of those, for an 85% accuracy. No one else is even close to that.

Which would you rather have, a guy who has tried 50 field goals and made half of them, or a guy who's tried 20, but is money in the bank when he steps onto the field? The first one will have more FGs, but I'd take the second one any day of the week.

Damon Duval scored 31 times and missed 8 times.

With about half the opportunities, Boreham kicked 17 field goals and missed 3.

Had Boreham missed only one of the 17 he made, he would have gotten the same ratio as Duval (4 misses in 20 tries = 8 misses in 40).

So the % is different basically because absolute numbers are worth more in percentage as the total of them gets lower.

offensive: roberts stegal honorable mention
defensive ricky bell(can't blame him for a single td against this year.) i'll go with brown(without him there is no leadership on the field)
lineman: brown (if people don't like him bc of injuries... walls.)
canuck: ryan


Offensive: Allen
Defensive: Eiben
Lineman: Brown
Canadian: Talbot
Rookie: what's a rookie? I guess DB Byron Parker is the best newcomer this year, in very limited play.

Edmonton :

Offensive :Tucker
Defensive : Gass
Lineman : Montford
Canadian : Wiltshire
Rookie : Tompkins


Offense: Calvillo
Defense: Karikari
Lineman: Philion
Canadian: Cahoon or Stala, toss a coin
Rookie: Duval

I'll add my 2-cents worth for Ottawa but if MM, Gades, or SR2121 want to sound off, plze do.

Outstanding Offensive Player: "Little Ball of Hate" - Josh Ranek
Outstanding Defensive Player: "The Sacker" - Anthony Collier
Outstanding Lineman: Its a crap shoot... But Val St-Germain has a narrow lead as he's Canadian
Outstanding Canadian: "The Sarge" - Jason Kralt as he is also a member of our Canadian Forces. See below
Outstanding Rookie: do we have any?

Notes on Jason Kralt - Joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1990... Served in Croatia as a United Nations peacekeeper. Presently holds the rank of Sergeant in the Forces.

My nomination for "outstanding" dance team member goes to Sara

Ottawa Renegades:

MVP: Dexter Manley

And if he had made one of the ones he missed, he'd be kicking at 90% and we probably wouldn't be having this discussion.

But he didn't. The numbers I'm going by are the numbers he has, not the numbers in your fantasy world.

Look at it this way: in order for Boreham to be exactly equal to Duval at 31 of 39, he would have to miss 5 of his next 19 attempts. That 73% success rate would be a significant drop in his current percentage.

So in other words, Boreham would need a significant drop in productivity just to get to where Duval is now. You can see why I continue to insist that Boreham is better than Duval.


Boreham was one miss away from having the same ratio, but since he did not miss that kick, he must really be the greatest kicker of the league BY FAR (to use your terms).

The % is pure bullshit when your kicker is never involved in the game anyways. With your reasoning, a kicker that would successfully make its sole attempt at a field goal would be crowned the league's best because he'd be kicking for 100%.

But just for the sake of it, since you seem to hold these % in very high esteem, let's just say that Boreham currently kicks for 68,4 % in his CFL career, while Duval stands at 75,6 %. :stuck_out_tongue:

And if we stick to the current season, I'll take Duval's 146 points any day over Boreham's 83.

Yeah... but he had to be careful... every time he was on the ground, he was trying to snort the lines on the field. Good thing he had a full cage as the chalk would have really messed with his mind.

I was down at our Embassy in Washington DC. I was working out at the gym and he was there (Redskin at the time). He actually game me an autograph saying... "say no to drugs"...

“My nomination for “outstanding” dance team member goes to Sara”

I go along with that, except that the Blue Lighting shoud be the best team this year with an honorable meation going to the Blue Thunder.


Offensive Player: Reynolds
Defensive Player: Grace
Lineman: Abdullah
Canadian: Ralph
Rookie: Trey Young