Nominees for each team

Some people already made guesses as to who should get the yearly honors in the CFL. Since each team needs to provide its own nominees in the following categories, who do you think should be yours?...


Outstanding Offensive Player: Anthony Calvillo
Outstanding Defensive Player: Richard Karikari
Outstanding Lineman: Ed Philion
Outstanding Canadian: Dave Stala
Outstanding Rookie: Robert Edwards*

  • I hesitated with Damon Duval. We had no running game since Pringle left and no kicking game since Terry Baker, so both these guys brought something big.

Offensive Player: Dickenson
Defensive Player: Johnson
Lineman: Johnson
Canadian: O'Mahoney (Just Kiddin) Clermont
Rookie : P. Jackson (if he qualifies)

Jackson played a few games in the NFL so not sure if he qualifies.


Outstanding Offensive Player: Joffrey Reynolds
Outstanding Defensive Player: John Grace
Outstanding Lineman: Rahim Abdullah
Outstanding Canadian: Brett Ralph*
Outstanding Rookie: Sandro DeAngelis

*I'm not totally sure I'd elect Ralph if he weren't a rookie, I feel they'll give him this because Sandro's an automatic for Outstanding rookie, but Ralph deserves something for his unexpected great play.

Offensive Player: Reynolds
Defensive Player: Grace
Lineman: Abdullah
Canadian: Ralph
Rookie: DeAngelis

How does playing in one league mean that you play in both? jm02, you’re a teacher…whats he trying to say?

hahah.. awesome picks RedandWhite..
RnR.. buddy... what the heck was that?

........holy cow C4L, I was working on mine when you submitted yours, what a coincidence.......

No coincidence, I would have picked the same too! Those guys are your leaders in those catagories.

:?: :?:

What's RnR trying to say??? Beats the hell out of me.....I'm trying to figure out how I just deleted my own post there.....obviously hit a wrong button and didn't pay attention.....

....I'd like to throw Burke Dales, our punter, in there too as Canadian or Rookie, as he has been very solid the whole year and getting better with every game.......

Hmmm.....some who've stood out for me.....

Offense - Holmes
Defense - Davis
Lineman - Perry
Canadian - Makowsky
Rookie - dunno. . .LeFall? Dorsey?


Offense: Marcus Crandell
Defense: Eddie Davis
Lineman: Charles Thomas maybe? He's really improved a lot.
Canadian: Scott Gordon
Rookie: Scott Gordon

Yep - forgot about Gordon - he'd definitely be my choice for Rookie. . .


Offense: entire O-line, wish i could pick them. umm, keith, nobody has really shone on Offense
Defense: Eddie Davis
Linemen: Makowsky, has played with a broken hand almost the whole season
Canadian: Shultz
Rookie: We don't really have any rookie starters. so Kitwana Jones

FYI Gordon is not a rookie, he has been with us for 4 years

Offense: Joseph, I suppose, for his scrambling (run for your life)
Defense: Banks for leading the lead in interceptions.
Lineman: A.C. Colier or Jerome Haywood
Canadian: do we have any of note?
Rookie: they all play like rookies.

Every team has to have a nominee but none of them will have a chance. As a team, we have been out-classed and its not the player's fault it's the owners who are willing to take my season's ticket money but refuse to spend it on talent! And on top of that, they have increased the price of beer so it costs more to drown my sorrows!

Go Gades Go!
North Side Sucks!
Forest Gregg and the Gliebermen suck!

Yes, Billy - checked up on him and he was only drafted in 2002. He dressed quite a few games, it appears. . .I don't recall hearing about him prior to this season. My bad!

Offense: Jason Tucker
Defense: A.J. Gass
Lineman: Joe Montford
Canadian: dont have any significant ones so... mathieau bertrand?
Rookie: Tony Tompkins

Offense - C Holmes HM - E Thurman
Defense - F Perry HM - E Davis
Lineman - J O'Day HM - G Makowsky
Canadian -S Shultz - HM - S Gordon
Rookie - D Lefall HM- K Jones

Only one I am not sure on is If Lefall is a Rookie.

Offense- Crandell- Not the #'s but thats b/c he has only played a bit. Good leadership and makes few mistakes. BETTER than Nealon.
Defense- Morgan
Lineman- Makowsky (O'Day is close)
Canadian- Gordon
Rookie- Only played one game but showed me alot. His name is STANCIL