Nomad Coaches

Talk about nomad coaches. There are dozens. Here’s one well known guy:

Rich Stubler: He’s had 20 different coaching jobs in his career and still travelling across Canada every year or so at 69.


Horrible job unless you like moving, driving, renting, new bosses, different staffs etc. Not really suited for fatherhood, stable marriages I don’t suppose. Imagine trying to set up a time to get things like cable hooked up? Must be a fan of renting furnished apartments every 6 months or maybe teams just pay the hotel bills.

At the park 7am til 11pm 6-7 days a wk during the season, many head coaches, more than fewer, have been a slave to their employer over the years. Talk about eat/sleep football, these guys do it. All the while the home front suffers, much like the damage workaholics in every profession do. What for? Just to entertain the masses and enrich the owners.

Maybe the Coaches just love what they’re doing.