A couple of threads have discussed the atmosphere at the stadium on Friday night, and here's a suggestion for anyone who wants to create a noisier, less welcoming environment for opposing teams.

Most dollar stores sell party supplies for children's birthday parties. Among the goodies available, you can ususally find plastic kazoos and paper horns. Having experimented with both in Section 7, I wholeheartedly endorse the use of paper horns. Don't know how everyone around us felt about the racket raised by our little pocket of merry-makers, but it sure added to the fun of a well-deserved victory. I'll be bringing more for the next game ... can only imagine what the stadium would sound like if there were twenty thousand blowing everytime Toronto stepped on the field.

sure..why don't we wear party hats and bring gifts and eat cake too! :roll:

maybe we should just get up off our and asses yell louder when the visitors have the ball!!


Your own voice is the best noisemaker. Its very effective and its free :slight_smile:

I was a little hoarse after that last game from yelling so much. I am sure the Coors Light Tallboys didn't help either ... :wink:

  • paul aka "Doug Brown Sucks! Yeller!"

True. Yet, it took three days for my voice to return.

How about those awesome cow bells they used to sell at the games with the TiCats logo on them? Man, they are loud and a few of them are still around if you can hear them in the stands!

You can also buy cowbells at TSC. Got one for the brother in-law, he has a broken shoulder and cracked ribs so yelling and clapping were kinda out

I think anyone wanting to bring noisemaker items to a game might want to check the "prohibited items" listed in the fan zone. Air horns are one, and I sure that someone said they were not allowed in with cowbells even though they were sold by the club with cat logos on them. Might want to check before you put out your hard earned pesos.

Love those black plastic horns - a necessity for the "13th man" if you will.

My own voice is still a little rough!!! But I cannot think of a better reason to sound like this then the GREAT game we saw on Friday night!!!!


I also like cow bells, the long plastic horns, and my own voice ... but like some others here find that I lose my voice for a day afterwards. The paper horns were cheap, surprisingly loud, and provided a few laughs for the folks around us.

But now I've just read the list of prohibited items and discovered that "Electronic and other noise makers" are ahead of weapons but behind the ever-deadly beach ball on the list of no goes. Hmmm ... Maybe the party hats are a good idea after all, Catfan. What's your preference: black or gold?

Beach balls?????????????????????????

those paper signs that folded up given out at the Bulldogs playoff games did the job there, why not something like that? they surprisingly make a lot of noise when clapped together

I really really hope the ideas of kazoos and party hats are a joke.

People are already laughing at our beloved team enough.. don't give them something more to make fun of.

There's another post about brining kegs into War Memorial Stadium.

A good noisemaker might be bouncing some kegs down the stairs from the top of section 7 ?

Just a tip: drink the beer before you bounce them down.

What about whoopi cushions when the opposing team has the ball, might be something to try. :lol:

I don't need one...

Alas, whoopee cushions these days have gone electronic. The welded-seam rubber bag has given way to wireless transmitters, digital sound samples, etc. The classic pneumatic whoopee cushion is getting harder and harder to find.

That being said, imagine IWS with 30,000 whoopee cushions going off at the same time? Or, the fans could do the wave, only it could be a wave of whoopee cushion sound rolling around the stadium (I believe the cartoon that appears on the classic whoopee cushion refers to said noise as a "Bronx Cheer").

Artificial noisemakers bug me. I like the roar of a leather-lunged, hostile crowd!!

Ohhh, and those guys that pound on the metal at the back of the sections…I’m cool with that too!

Just no thundersticks, cheesy horns or bells of any kind. I just think they’re annoying. Makes it seem like the highlights of those Japanese baseball games.

Cheering, booing and yelling! (Careful with the clapping, that’s how beer gets spilled!)