You guys got your Stadium Noisemakers yet? They're called Stadium Honkers and you can get them at DOLLAR GIANT. I bought mine in Burnaby at the one at Willingdon and Hastings:

406 Willingdon (at Hastings) 604-205-5158 but there's many other locations too; look in phone book

Only a dollar each!! They have boxfulls of them now! They are about 3 inches long and can hang around your neck or nicely fit in your pocket or better inside your underwear!!!

About a dollar each and you can press the buttom and they flash colored lights; blow into the little hole on the side and it's as loud as the air horn you can get at Canadian Tire!

I bought them yesterday and tested them at the Burnaby Golf Course; I heard an echo.

If you hear an echo from within the middle of a golf course you know it's got power!

So get them TODAY!!!

Would that make a Lions fan feel more like a man - with 3 inches in his underwear? You do what you have too - noise is NOT going to be a factor this year.

Go Riders!

Or it could be the women out there wantin the 3 inches. I'm forced to wonder what the male race is sporting out there in BC. Makes you wonder.

You probably heard the echo because you had them in your underwear and your underwear was otherwise empty - causing an echo. No problem buddy, it happens.

I was inplying that the men out in BC was somewhat lacking. Sorry if you misunderstood but we're on the same side buddy. and oh by the way I'm a chick

See, 120db. Shouldn't have put in that underwear part, now riderstrollin07 got a good one in... but tell me you didn't see how well in fit in you drawers... and if you did, please tell me you sound-checked first and not after the "fitting"... eew.

Anyways... good one RRI07. Now stop wondering what's in a another man's underwear and note that its not just any noise... it's Canned Noise on full surround sound. If I was a Rider's fan I'd complain about it too... did Taylor field upgrade from 8-track when they changed the name ?

I'm sorry haven't you been there lately? If you had to rely on "Canned Noise" to pump your players thats your problem. I also liked how you have to remind your fans to be quiet when you have the ball. Even my 6 yr old nefew understands the concept.

How is having Canned Noise at BC Place our problem? It practically grows on trees here. KJ was practically in tears last year with all the timecount violations.

I like being reminded to be quiet too, but don't drag your nephew in to cover your lack of understanding.

Sunday I’m wearing my underwear ON TOP of my jeans

Be advised that they are regarded by the league as illegal noisemakers. Just a tip.


Indeed, artificial noise makers are not permitted in any stadium so don't be surprised if they take it away.

Garbage! If that's the case then why are they selling bugle horns at the game? They make the same noise.

Where do you live, Regina? Show me the BC Place regulations saying they're not allowed. The only reference I saw was to Air horns; they're not allowed cause it's a cannister with compressed gas so obviously in that case you can't have that in case the can gets punctured...

If you want to see something cool...come watch me explode a fridge on Sunday. That'll be some noise pre-game. I'll be near the entrance. See you there!

Dollar Giants with Noisemakers:

Burnaby 604-205-5158

Langley 604-533-0811

Maple Ridge 466-1062

North Vancouver 982-0050

Richmond 207-0646

Surrey 501-9055

Vancouver 255-1008

Going now! Thanks for the locations.

BC staduim doesn't allow noise makers. They will be confiscationg them all at the gate and during the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Forget it pal. They can fit in your pocket. See ya later

Everyone in the building could light up a dubee what would they do arrest everyone?

no noisemakers at my Dollar Giant :frowning:

They'd never heard of them and I went through everything in the entire store.

Oh well, I'll use the good old fashioned kind (my voice).

Anyone gonna bring a cowbell? Last year someone brought one into our section and we started to yell "dinnertime" whenever he'd ring it on defence... oh cowbells...hehe.

Long Live the Canned Noise!!!