Ok so last game was pretty disappointing with the amount of people making noise for our defense. In Box E I was the only person yelling and then there might have been a few people clapping there hands but that was it. Why are people scared to make noise? It got a little better at the end of the game but the people who were making noise then were too stupid to realize that when were on offense don't get up n scream at people to make noise...

I was tryna get people to be quiet but they were starting up GO CATS GO! chants like crazy when the O was on.DO THAT WHEN THE D IS ON

I agree with the noise on 'O' -- that bugs me. However, where we were, out in the endzone, things seemed to be amped up pretty good from the get-go. As usual, things picked up in the second half, but overall, I thought the crowd was pretty loud. Sounded loud on TV, too.

Don't be afraid to stand up and fire your section up -- and, conversely, try and settle everyone down on offence. Difficult to do when we're on the goal-line, though. It's almost counter-intuitive to not wanna cheer the boys into the endzone.

Anyway -- as usual, I was pretty impressed with the 'East-side Crazies' out in the endzone.

The problem is that no one makes any noise on the players side of the field ( North Side) and that the Lamebox J boys need to pick up that side of the stadium. I site on the press box side and lost my voice before the 4th, then I met a Lamobox J boy and he still had his voice. These guys better make some noice next game because in a lot of peoples eyes they're all SHOW!!!!!

I really think the cats should have the section right behind the opposing teams bench as a crazy fan section. How would you do that I have no clue, but that section usually isn't very full and its a perfect place to be loud and let the other team know we mean business. I also think they should get some more people in that drum band to amp them up as well.

I like your style Makaveli..... Good call.

I just want the place to be LOUD!
There were quite a few times last game where I would start to yell and this girl in front of me kept turning around, I found this pretty funny because I dont if she was trying to get me to stop or what but almost every time I got loud she would do a half turn. The stadium should be loud enough that you cant tell who is making the most noise be in a section because it all just blends in.

Sounds like the endzone. No one seems to be afraid to tell you to get off your ass and cheer out there. That's why I like sitting out there. And, obviously, some are more vocal than others. But the less-vocal folks seem to be enjoying the energy around them. That's pretty cool, too.

Section 22 (or whatever's the first one on the south side) seemed to be right into it too.

Edit: Always love those late game D stands -- even though the boys kinda let us down. But everyone was on their feet and really cranking the volume. Actually, was pretty funny -- no one made a peep for the whole ride home because our throats were fried!

People kept cheering when we were on offense and it was bugging the heck out of me. Dave Stala even tried to quiet them and they thought he was telling them to get loud.
You scream and yell and bang when were on defence, why do you think the drumline only plays when were on defence.
But there is no point in us complaining about it on here because im sure everyone on that is dedicated enough to come on this forum knows to go crazy while on defence and shut up while on offense.

The offense likes it quiet!!!!

on the scoreboard?

I can not believe the MORONS that come to these games and don't understand that on offense you should be quiet. Cheer after the play, but give our guys a chance to hear each other if they need to make adjustments. I think that when this is happening Farr should let everyone know that the offense wants quiet...

Also correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Oski Wee Wee only supposed to be done when we're on defense?

This has annoyed me as well. Ultimately what it boils down to is that Hamilton is not a football city. Reminds me of the billboards the Riders leased in Calgary a few years ago announcing the date of their visit to McMahon as a "Football fan clinic". :smiley:

all I know is that my voice was gone by halftime, so the second half I just blew my little football horn.........wait that sounds gay.

Actually, he was trying to get them to make noise. I'm not kidding, I watched as he waved his hands in the "Make Some Noise" way. It was Otis Floyd (I believe) who did the opposite. I was a little bit surprised that Stala would do that, and I still don't know why he did.

Maybe it's only because we sit in section 7 but it gets frustrating trying to cheer when the sound system is so loud. Music is played right up until the snap of the ball (or the official blows in play) and you really don't believe that you can be heard at field level. Maybe down lower you don't hear it as much but it wears you down.

Almost as bad as cheering while on offence is starting the "wave" while on offence. If I were a player, the "wave" (at any time) would only indicate that the fans are bored or they don't really care about what's going on on the field.

Sorry to say but the Ivor Wynne crowd in some sections needs a lesson in overall football etiquette. Not just in regards to the noise problems, but also, can we please stay in our seats until a play is over. There is nothing worse than a person walking right in your line of sight just as a play is starting or right in the middle of a play. Sometimes it can be downright brutal.

No, when we were on offence down by the goal line he was clearing waving his arms in a downward motion, then on defence he had the going upward. I could clearly see the difference im sure.

Maybe we're not talking about the same time, but it seems like we are. I could be wrong, but it looked like he clearly had his palms facing upwards. I remember thinking to myself that it was really odd. But debating this point is silly; whether he was or wasn't is really immaterial. We can both agree that fans yelling when the team is on offense is just dumb. I remember when it happened in the playoff game last year, and me and two buddies tried to quiet the crowd (it was after the Stala TD, but before the McDaniel convert) and one guy looked us and said, "What, are you Lions' fans?" We were all wearing Ti-Cat jerseys at the time. Me thinks he had a wee bit too much to drink.

I agree 100%, and had the same observation from my seat behind the bench
I sent a note to the Cats on Monday asking them to come up with a scoreboard graphic to educate the fans to be quiet when we have the ball.
It was impossible to audible .

I saw this too. Stala did it several times.

Don’t give me this Box J is quiet stuff. We’re on our feet cheering just as loud and our on our feet more than anyone, save the endzone.