We need lot's of NOISE on saturday! Winnipeg hasn't come to BC Place yet and there not going to be expecting this much noise. MAKE NOISE and BE QUIT WHEN THE OFFENCE IS ON!

r u kidding me "stobbed"??? what planet do u think we're from in wpg? i remember the days when the bombers actually used to practice with the sound system blaring out during practice w crowd noise just so they could prepare for bc place! do u really think they're not gonna be expecting the crowd to be a factor??? no, they'll expect it, but how they react is a different story!

wish u luck and if u see a guy carrying a "BC SUCKS" sign at bc place, please don't beat me up!!! LOL

Lions fans can be loud, proud, and louder, without being prompted by that jackass with the mic who keeps yelling as the opposition is approaching the ball "okay Lions fans time to make some noise". Get rid of him, the games were much more enjoyable when we weren't bombarded by assholes who think we need help in "Making Some Noise". Fire the bastard and let him go back to his job as a ride operator at the PNE.

Bring back Crazy George...I miss him!

Tim Donavan is doin an awesome job! and DONT DO THE WAVE! WE WANT TO SEE THE GAME!