Are we aloud to bring drums and stuff to make noise at the game??

Who knows

I've seen people with drums and horns. Go for it. The louder, the better!

I got a horn that I bring to every's a blast!!


Just remember not to make noise while our offense is at work.

I love that commercial on the Big screen..... The little kid.....

"Shhhh my Daddy's at work..."

thats an awesome Commercial thing i believe that its Cory Mantyka's son that does that!

me too horns are fun lmao

Just remember to tell the PA guy to shut up when the players break the huddle. BC is famous for not doing that, and for some starnge reason (David Brailey) they do not get called.
I am all for fans making noise, but let the fans do it not the stadium guys with the PA annoucer and the scoreboard.

I agree budha, the bc lions have some of the loudest and most passionate fans in the league, let the game itself encourage the lions pride to roar. It seems kind of bush league when the pa anouncer has to act as the head cheer leader. The cfl is, by far the best football product available as far as game entertainment. The nfl, though much more hyped, marketed and worshipped may have most of the better atheletes in pro football, but the nfl can not touch the cfl for entertainment. Let the cfl fans, the lions pride show the world that 35,000 passionate fans can make noise all on their own that can compete with anyone anywhere.

Watch for my NOISE! banner hanging in Section 54. It measures 10 feet by 6 feet. Point to it when Sask has the ball....

and yes, noise makers are allowed in the stadium.... bam bams, horns,.....

yeah - I read that it's not uncommon for the NFL to have CANNED AUDIENCE NOISE piped into their stadiums during games! Like, can't the fans make enough REAL noise? :roll: Guess they need us Leo fans to give them a few pointers! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wrong Budha, Last year we got nailled for it. This year Winnipeg and Edmonton, and Ottawa got called for it.

I am not entirely sure but didn’t they use canned noise in BC last year in the west final??

There is very few things that i dislike more than a stadium having to use its PA system to get the crowd to cheer, and to tell them when to cheer. There is a reason for mascotts and cheerleaders. and to a lesser degree a silent scoreboard is ok. I know they do that crap in Edmonton, Mtl, Ott. I know they don’t in Wpg and Sask. I seem to remmebr them doing it in BC but my memory is foggy.

I think it reflects the knowledge and intelligence of the fan base if your PA announcer has to tell you when to cheer.

all that being said. I hope you guys make it as loud as hell in there. I want no excuses when we beat you :wink:

Hey Billy, I like your idea about mascots. Crazy George was a great cheer leader. I miss him. While not a mascot, he used to whip the crowd into a frenzy in the 1980's.

they should bring him back and have him help Crazy P

Whose that Crazy K guy or whatever his name is.