as a seasons ticket holder, ive seen the noise level difer amazingly. it used to be the whole stadium would chant D-Fence when the defense was on, now they never do that. Its unfortunate:( does anyone have any idea why??

There’ve been more threads on this than you can shake a linebacker at! My own feeling is that there is too much noise from the stadium sound system, and it takes the crowd out of the game. It has been better in the last few home games, but by then the state of the team had deflated the fans.

2 years ago i sat at the top of section29, whenever the ticats made a great play we would bang on the metal 29 sign. this was the 1-17 season so there wasn't very much to bang for or be excited about. when we did this we were thrown out by security.

this is why i am reluctant to make too much noise, it seems they don't want to you to have to much fun or you get tossed.

Yes, i know they leave music or recordings on for too long!! it really annoys me! and the defence isnt getting the fans pumped up like they used too!!

there are lots of loud people near us. a lot of very angry ones, and no copp has ever been near uss.

Would that be a female Austrailian (Shiela) copp? :stuck_out_tongue:

What has happened over the years is osmosis down the QEW coming from Blue Jay games where you must be quiet and polite. It was only a matter of time before all communities within a 2 hour radius of Toronto would be infected.

I agree. It's extremely irritating to hear the crowd noise on the sound system. And what's with the announcer trying to be a cheerleader, bellowing some stupid chant every 2 minutes?

"Why are you so quiet?"

A) You won't quit playing your damn stadium music
B) You won't quit playing your damn stadium crowd noise
C) The team is down bad & don't deserve cheering

I hear it get really loud when we're winning. When we're winning the noise factor is major. I had 2 sore throats this year, all year, as opposed to 9 last year (although a couple were from booing). The product at home was bad, really bad, and thus people just don't cheer on the team, it makes sense.

Now, if we are really doing bad (ala no touchdowns in 2 months) that's when the stadium is loudest, except it's filled with the wrong sounds, boos. In which I do take part in.

The noise crowd wise hasn't been to good this year, but it'll get better as the team (hopefully) gets better.

It’s really simple to figure out,BAD team= no noise…that is all.

I am horse after every game and the next day as well. My co workers ask me if I am sick or if there was a game yesterday!! Remember Box Eh Likes it Loud

I was wondering when someone was gonn mention crowd noise!!!!!
I remember going to games with 12,13,000 people there and it was louder than it is the last couple of years.
I guess this is the new breed of fans we have,I remember a few ggames I thought I was at the library.....
The problem is now if you make noise people get upset and complain.....
It's to bad I can remember having the wave going around the stadium with half the people,now you try and get it started and people look at you like your disturbing there sleep....
lighten up people your at a sporting event not a movie,they should be able to hear us in Burlington.......

they should be able to hear us in burlington, i bet when it was the "OZ-ZY" game, they could hear us, that was the best day of my life, no joke. i dont think people would do that now. imiss that!!

How can the crowd get going and create noise when you are drowned out by music till the snap of the ball. I don't even bother trying to cheer now.:thdn:

Yes noise is definietly down for the 12 - 13,000 pre-Bob days.

Constant entertainment has taken us out of the game. If I sound my horn or ring a cow bell, newer fans look at me as if I have 3 heads.

Yeah. bob brought in a lot of new fans, who dont understand what its like to be a REAL fan. they have no idea. it makes me aggrevated!

It appears that this team hasn't given us much to cheer about, but your absolutely right about the PA system blaring away up until the snap of the ball, we really don't get much of a chance to do our own thing.

Will someone in the organization please muffle the current announcer, especially in view of the fact that we're going to have a new guy replacing Pigskin Pete?