Noise Please

It wasn't loud enough. Did any body see my face all black and orange! NOISE sign was awsome. NEED NOISE ON D!!

You're right about it not being noisy enough. This is just not a football town. Look at all those empty seats. Empty seats don't make noise. My Noise sign seems to make no difference.

your right...........thier was alot of empty seats but Bc place can hold 60,000 people...thier was 31,000 people thier on saturday

Remember a couple of things.

BC Place did holde almost 30,000 on Sat night, which is more than most teams are even able to get.

Two, there was another damn hockey game on Sat night, and many people went there as well.

Should be no excuse for the Riders game on Nov 5. It's the Lions final home game and it could be a battle for 1st place depending what happens in the Edmonton this week. Riders may be looking to defeat the Lions to make the crossover depending what the Gades do.


well since we average 41,000 a game you have A WAYSSSSSS TO GO .

Well of course you do what else is there to do in saskatchewan except watch your dog that ran away three day's ago.

the canucks game was also on tv, and it was the first meeting with colorado since "the incident" and it was on cbc as well, i was happy 30,000 showed up!!! i do expect the next one to be bigger...but i am still unhappy about upper deck endzone tic's being 45 bucks each... :x

yes we need a playoff atmosphere at this next game! MAKE IT LOUD