NOISE, NOISE, NOISE Support our boys!!!

BRING ON THE NOISE next Sunday when we sell out Ivor Wynne and back up our TIGER-CATS, bring all your favorite noise makers, horns, air horns, blasters, whistles, drums you name it, be inventive create something that blows a huge distraction through the BC bench, let's truly see how BC can handle our NOISE when we get PUMPED UP TO PARTY AND WHIP THE LIONS!!


Our Noise level against Sask on Oct 30th was good, this coming game against BC must be great, we actually have a huge advantage at Ivor Wynne because fans are so close to the action, the closest in the CFL we have like a 14th man on the field, an air horn or two behind the BC bench will blow Wally back to BC with a BIG loss, so bring it on Cat fans, if SASK fans can bring super sonic air horns to home games so can we. You can by megaphones at the Source or Air Horns at Canadian Tire probably cheap because boating season is over but TI-CAT Players in Boats celebrating is just Starting!!!!


If your friends don't know, tell them. Ticats O is on the field, keep the noise low. Ticats D is on the field make the stadium as loud as you possibly can. Spread the word. GO CATS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

No worries here!! By game time, we'll be ready to roll...rockin' in Section 22!!
Gonna have to wake up early and get the game face on!

I gotta pretty good feeling that you're going to have 8 years of pent up energy exploding at this one!