noise makers

I'm a life long Ti-Cat fan as well as a season ticket holder and I am baffled as to why we are the only team in the CFL who dicurages fan perticapation by refusing to allow me, "us" to help our team by bringing noise makers and making noise while our team is on defence. So far in every game I have watched on TV, other teams fans blast horns, ring bells and be the 13th man for their team. Yet I've been refused entry to Ivor Wynne with a airhorn and as a bell sold to me by the team a few years ago.It is discouraging that our team does not want the help from "us" the fans to win, when other teams seem to encourage it. Other teams have always dreaded coming to play in Hamilton due to our loud fans, why would anyone want to change that?

Help us get this "rule" changed back, tell your friends. complain to anyone who will listen. Help!

so when you hear my horn on gameday you'll know i had to sneak it in for my team.

             TEAM SPIRIT

Airhorns are outlawed on city property i.e. IWS. Has nothing to do with the Ticats, they dont make the policy, the city does.

Plus air horns are annoying.

airhorns, foghorns, bells are annoying, if you need artificial noise to get jacked up at a football game then stay home. Ticats fans should be mroe creative and use chants, songs, and just make natural noise.

I go to the games to watch, cheer the good plays and boo the bad. I don't want to be sitting in my season ticket seat and have someone blowing those annoying air horns in my ear. That really erks me. It's bad enough listening to the overindulging fans scream at the top of their lungs, that I can handle good thing that only lasts so long before their voice goes. You can do all the team spirting you want without artifical noise makers.

You say we should use chants, like what "EVERYONE KNOWS THE ARGOS BLOW". I don't know about you, but I don't want to be hearing a bunch of young children running around singing it or hearing it. What else do we have oh ya Oskie wee wee, Don't get me wrong I like it and all but how many times in a game can we say it? Every game I see the defence asking us for noise and no matter how loud we get they always want more. I know for myself that when I see them ask for it, I want to give all I have. If the team didn't want the noise they would not have sold us the cow bells.

I guess the bottom line is if you don't like noise than stay home......That's what TV's are for.

Let's not forget this a football game not a tennis match, however... if my pop stands up and starts blowing a horn, I WILL promise to wrap it around his neck! Leave the noisemakers for the kids, afterall... they are future ticketholders and the way things are going, we're going to need them.