noise in Guelph will help

I’m telling of my experience, because it doesn’t agree with what you’re trying to sell, isn’t cause for such a nasty response. How you can comment on something that you have no idea about would suggest to me that you are the one full of it.

The comments from this article come from scientists who have no sense of fun.

And when the Bombers tried to put a halt to it, they received such a backlash that they had to rescind on it.

I would suggest, Geoff, that instead of taking away others fun, you could loosen up a bit.

I'm loose in fact I'm having my second pale ale with my pizza however it doesn't mean I lose my common sense.
It doesn't take scientists to tell me that anything that produces 129 decibels at 2ft is at the very least be extremely annoying...
Winnipeg banned them for a good reason. They're f'n dangerous.

You’re not in an enclosed room, but an open air stadium where the noise can dissipate. I actually found the music and PA at the old Ivor Wynne A LOT louder and much more annoying than any air horn.

The fact that the Bombers management banned them doesn’t mean much. This is the same group that refused the existence of the beer snake.

Those who hate fun tend to stick together.

The metal/aluminum stands make for excellent noise & rumbling when everyone stomps their feet. We bring cow bells as well.

To me ... the rumble & cow bells are a very "ironic" pleasant off-shoot of the Guelph Experience!

Somebody who likes to have fun and whose not afraid of a little noise…FenderGuy…I like the cut of your jib!!!

Lmao. …

Where does he say anything about using airhorns???

Sometimes people. …Never mind. :roll: :roll:

And nowhere did I say that he did refer to anything about airhorns…too much beer I guess…

All I said was that he has a sense of fun and is not afraid of a little noise…some people should try to read what is there rather than what they WANT to see…gotta focus Geoff…

They also have a thing invented decades ago called ear plugs what you didn’t hear me, I said EAR PLUGS! Kids have more common knowledge “Sense” then some adults on here!

Ok bruce.
That makes a lot more sense.

I'm not sure why everyone wouldn't always bring ear plugs to games just in case the person next to them brought a airhorn that produces 129 decibels.

Yep. That makes perfect sense...

I’ve said it before.

It’s not just about rattling players, it’s about disrupting the snap count, audiables and line calls.

“What we need, is more cow bell!” :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Who's gonna be making noise at Alumni on Sunday?? What is everyone bringing noise-wise? We were thinking of getting an air horn but that might be a bit excessive and not appreciated by the people around us.. We were thinking cowbells are more likely. Anyone got a good noisemaker or know where to get one??

[url=] ... ycowgo.jpg[/url]
[url=] ... ycowgo.jpg[/url]

A good pass rush would be even more helpful. :slight_smile:

An Argo-Cat fan

What kind of horns are they? Are they this style or something else?

[url=] ... 120&page=1[/url]

No, they are 1/3 the size and 3 x as loud

This is what the horns look like, they are Yellow, come by and i will test them for you !

[url=] ... =527736928[/url]

"They also have a thing invented decades ago called ear plugs what you didn't hear me, I said EAR PLUGS! Kids have more common knowledge "Sense" then some adults on here!"

It's very kind that you're being so helpful, Bruce. It's really too bad that some people just don't appreciate it.

You know, better yet, there are those headphones that block out the nolse, that Geoff could bring. They might protect his precious ears more....

Because I just might buy one of TC23's horns if they are THAT LOUD!!!!!!!