noise in Guelph will help

Let’s see how TSN’s new boy toy Troy Smith does in Guelph if we get the crowd noise that will impact his play calling and audibles.

Not sure if they allow cowbells or not but if they do, great. Can anyone let us know?

However, the beauty of the metal stands is that if you have anything metal to bang on the seat or floor it makes a heck of a racket. I guess they won’t let us bring iron bars or pipes etc but a couple of emptied Coors lite cans crushed together made some nice noise at the Argo game. Now if the stadium saw everyone stomp their feet and bank anything they can on the metal seats, they’ll hear the noise back in Hamilton.

Heck, imagine the noise you can make banging that cowbell against the seats…

You will only be able use the metal stands to make noise in Guelph so we may as well take advantage of it

Noise of course doesn't hurt - but somehow I don't think 13,000 moderately noisy fans at best are going to rattle a Heisman trophy winner who routinely quarterbacked big games in front of REALLY noisy opposing fans 107,000 of them in Penn State or over 110,000 of them in The Big House at Michigan. Ti-Cats defence better come up with some better defensive schemes and this week actually have the players execute. That would more likely rattle the QB and help take the bloom off the Smith rose.

But still make lots of noise. It might rattle some of the other Als or maybe even some of the officials so we get some borderline calls going our way.

As long as there is SILENCE during our posessions. The offence has to counter Montreal's blitzing too...

Not really the Molson Stadium and the ALS are known to pipe in crowd noise to amp up The Frenchies to a frenzy!

We'll be a noisy bunch coming on the fan train saturday. we should be able to cancel yours out. :cowboy:

Bring the heat on D and noise from fans throw in lots of CJ some burris and we got a win

It’s not just about rattling the players (who after suffering a lick, the crowd noise certainly doesn’t help) it’s about messing up the snap count, line calls, audiables and huddle commuincation. A single number misheard in a huddle can throw off the entire play. When I was in school, numbers inidicated pass blocking scheme, which hole the running back was going to, and to have Linemen open that hole and various lineman pulls. When your own linemen and players mishear a call and push a defender into the wrong gap, or fails to make a proper pull, it disrupts the play.

I was at the “Big House” a few weeks ago. I read on line that it was the quietest 100000 people you will meet. I couldn’t believe how quiet 109000 people were. They just speak “go blue” no one yelling really. My son said to me I think Ivor Wynne is louder I agree! That being said I have my tickets for the Al’s next week and we are going to be loudest 13000 you will meet!

I will have a bunch if super loud yellow horns :rockin: come get one in the parking lot P19, the second entrance on the left, coming down College Ave. from Gordon St. on the grass, we tailgate there.



still lots of tix available but my section 107 looks pretty full. we'll be leaving from ottawa sunday 5 AM. hope to find a good parking spot.

I hope to be there early to get my beer and hot dog and watch the warmups like the old days at Ivor Wynne. So, I’ll try to come by a get a horn from you, TC23.

How much are you charging for them??

I love when the crowd makes noise, but please no air horns :frowning:

Ivor Wynne was all so great for noise factor, they didn’t need to pipe in no artificial crowd support. The throngs in Hamilton would bang and stomp, even use the metal walls along the top perimeter of the north and south stands to let the opposition know, in a very unsubtle way the existence of the 13th man.

We gotta bring that this Sunday by ANY means necessary. And yes, please bring the air horns!!!

Air horns are great, unless you’re sitting in front of the guy with the air horn.

Let me be clearer in case you're having trouble understanding that you are not the only one there..Do Not Bring Air Horns!!!!

Hope this helps.

5 Bucks

Over my many years attending games at the old stadium, I’ve sat beside, behind and yes, even in front of those bringing air horns, sirens and whatever noisemakers the security would let in. Never bothered me or my father. Many times I would go home with a hoarse or sore throat and hands from cheering, but never with ringing in the ears from the racket caused by those around me using whatever contraptions they brought along.

Heck, even the players and the scoreboard are exulting the fans to make noise, and the more the better.

It’s part of the fun of a sporting event, unless you’re at a golf or tennis match.

We gotta blast those Als and the five or six fans that show up on their forum out of the ballpark.

Oldfan...youre full of crap...

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