NOISE! Banner; should I bring it Friday?

Should I bring along this NOISE! banner to the Friday game?

Yesy Yes yes Yes

Hey is there any restrictions on flags at BC Place?
We're making the trip from Cowtown for the game & want to be loud & proud!!

Yeah, flags are fine as long as they don't cover up any paid advertising banners.

I once had my NOISE banner taken down cause it partially covered the 20 second clock in one end zone. I had to get down to field level and wait 20 minutes to get it retrieved. Make sure you don't end up in that situation.

Yes bring it

Hey all, we came to the game with our Stamps flags and had them confiscated by security—FOR OUR OWN SAFETY!!
You can imagine that I was not impressed to see a good number of BC flags on flagpoles in the stadium…

I'd be pissed to if my flag was taken away...especially for such a reason.