Noel Thorpe signe une prolongation de 2 ans

Thorpe vient de s’entendre avec les Alouettes pour une prolongation de contrat de 2 ans comme coordonnateur de la défensive.

C’est une excellente nouvelle pour l’équipe, mais elle va alimenter davantage les spéculations concernant les autres postes d’entraîneurs.

Tous les autres entraîneurs ont obtenu une prolongation de contrat également.

Ceci présage du retour de Popp à la tête des entraîneurs et il devra donc se trouver un nouveau coordonnateur offensif et un nouvel entraîneur des quarts-arrières.

As Richard wrote in the Popp thread Thorpe also named Assistant Head Coach which is also excellent news.

And in the fine print in the announcement, all other coaches remain under contract and are expected to return.

Tu oublies,LeStaf, que Noel a été désigné/promu comme Entraîneur chef-adjoint. Excellente nouvelle!


On va hélas devoir endurer les inepties de Speckman et Campbell. Espérons que le nouveau coordonnateur offensif saura leur botter le cul suffisamment pour qu'ils réussissent à rejoindre le niveau des autres.

Effectivement. J'étais trop pressé de diffuser la nouvelle!

......Good move....Now if Popp pulls the pin ,at least you don't have to go beating the bushes..A lot of your fans think a lot of Thorpe...He sounds like a man of the future for the team... :thup:

Finally, some good news for us! Great to see Thorpe locked up for two more years and getting that promotion to make him less of a flight risk. IMO a man in Noel's situation, with a special needs child (autism), isn't going to want to just up and go to any city, even if the job may be enticing. I think by giving him the extension and the promotion, we're letting him build a life in Montreal with his family, similar to what Calgary just did with Dickenson. And in two years' time, Noel may be ready to step into the head-coaching role.

On the topic of all the assistants returning, well, I'll make my peace with it in the case of Speckman and Campbell. I'll say this for Speckman: we ran the ball pretty effectively despite having to start different tailbacks all season long (Whitaker, Sutton, Messam). I hate the fly stuff, but hopefully the new OC puts a stop to that nonsense and funnels that time and energy into plays that don't lose us 10 yards eight times out of 10.

Campbell? MEH. I guess Cahoon isn't ready to come back? I hope Campbell can do a better job with all our receivers.

So now the vacancies are at OC and QB coach.

I still think if Cahoon and/or Flory declare their interest in coaching the team will find a place for them.

Nice to know for sure, but if someone comes calling to offer Nelson a D/C post, we'll lose him, which I really don't want.

The other coaches are under contract, but these contracts may/could terminate at the end of 2013. Doug Berry is amongst these coaches,but his contract will expire at the end of December 2013; Chris Jones wants him in Edmonton.

Some other coaches may leave/could have better opportunities elsewhere. Mark Nelson comes to mind.


But we dont have to allow teams to interview him, only really if its for a head coach position.

The press release said all other coaches remain under contract and are expected to return. They wouldn`t have said that if they expire end Dec.

. . . and Chris Jones can have him.

Well when I spoke to him in Winnipeg at the season opener this past season, he told me that he really wasn't interested in being a head coach (take with the proverbial grain of salt). But, since D/C would be a promotion and not a lateral move, would we deny permission to another team to talk to him? Would make us all look pretty hypocritical wouldn't it, as this is exactly what we've been knocking Barker about.

Exactly. When the org said coaches under contract will return, they're saying they will return for the 2014 season, not for the next three weeks or so.

I can appreciate the value of wanting continuity on offense heading into a pivotal season for the franchise. With all the upheaval -- Trestman leaving and gutting the staff, the Hawkins-Miller fiasco, Berry taking over playcalling duties midseason -- it's imperative for us to salvage whatever's worth salvaging on offense for 2014 so that the new OC isn't starting from scratch. It would be nice to have Flory or Chiu as the O-line coach, but we've had three different O-line coaches over the past three years already (Verducci 2013, Meyer 2012, Himebauch 2011). Similarly, we've had three different receivers coaches in the past three years (Campbell 2013, that assistant whose name I forget in 2012, Brady in 2011). Leave the line and the receivers alone and give Verducci and Campbell another season to improve on what they've started.

Time will tell but,unless Doug Berry just signed an extension, his contract will expire at the end of December,2013.


They already basically announced Miller and Berry won`t be back. They were being diplomatic with Berry.

Agree with you idealsheldon. For the Als, other coaches must exclude Doug Berry. Good news if all other coaches are under contract for 2014.

Anxious to know who the Offensive Coordinator will be.


Dans cette nouvelle, il y a un point qui me satisfait beaucoup. Nous gardons aussi Keith Willis. Je trouve que Willis a fait du très bon travail avec les gars qu'il avait sous la main : on a vu une amélioration de certains joueurs (Lavrias, Berry, Hopkins) et du très bon travail d'une recrue mésestimée (Klassen).

Il y a certainement de l'amélioration à apporter parmi ce personnel, surtout à l'intérieur de la ligne, mais le jeu de cette ligne a quand même progressé sous la houlette de Willis.

I agree that Willis did the best with what he had. Lavarias looks good, and Klassen, I think, will be a NI keeper. But Hopkins, Cash, and Berry are all mediocrities as far as I'm concerned. Not terrible per se, but pretty replaceable. We need at least one good DT. If we get that DT and upgrade the field corner spot, this defense, which is already very good, could be absolutely insane to face in 2014.