Noel Thorpe Resigns

as reported by Ryan Rishaug. According to Farhan Lalji, Thorpe had 2 years left on his contract with a no out clause. No teams had asked to talk to him.

Another ô e off to Edmonton or Saskatchewan?

Edmonton would be a better fit hair-wise. :smiley:

This is going to get ugly

Maybe Thorpe to Edmonton, while the Als hire AC's buddy Barron Miles. There is also Mike Benevides out there if he does not end up with Maas.

All the commentators are talking like they expect Thorpe will end up in Edmonton. That of course would further fuel the debate of coaches changing teams while under contract especially in this instance since this would be a lateral move.

3 issues here:

  1. Why would Thorpe want to quit with 2 years left on his contract? Seduced by Maas and saw that he was never endorsed by Popp as a potential future Head Coach.

  2. Sanctity of a CFL contract.

Chip Cox would not be allowed to quit the Als and then sign with the Eskimos the following week. So why should a coach be allowed? Thorpe is already an assistant head coach, so any move to the Eskimos would be a lateral move. I realize you can`t keep an unhappy employee, but Orridge should show some CFL balls and not allow Thorpe to sign with Edmonton. No other league would allow it.

  1. The Als are officially a mess.

Head Coach - Enough said
Offensive Co-Ordinator - Lack of experience and no sounding board with Dinwiddie gone.
Defensive Co- Ordinator - None

It will certainly be difficult to get a free agent like Venable to re-sign.

I've written this before. The one thing that can destroy CFL football in Montreal is inept ownership/management. We are almost there.

If Thorpe goes to Edmonton, I don't know if I'll continue to watch CFL games. The credibility of this league has gone down the toilet for me.

I'm in the same boat. I'm not stupid enough to follow a league where everything is "fixed" and there is no transparency or sportsmanship involved. Watching rich community owned team running around and trashing every other program on their way to buying their championships while the league hides under a blanket.

This year I spent more time watching College and some NFL football than I have in the last 20 or 25 years and very much enjoyed it. Very much looking forward to some of the upcoming bowl games and CFP playoff games.

I'm just out of arguments.

Same here. I've lived in Atlanta since 2014, so maybe this is the last straw that pushes me to become a Falcons fan.

This is a ridiculous situation. It’s time for Jeffrey Orridge to man-up, and either enforce contracts - or define the price a poaching team must pay when they encourage a coach to break his current contract.

If I were running the CFLPA, I would be telling the players that "the league considers your contracts meaningless. You are all free agents. Go cut your best deal wherever you can next season".

Of course, this would be chaotic - but it’s precisely how coaching contracts are being handled right now.

After 4 seasons of Alouettes futility, and now this scandalous musical chairs game, I am slowly losing interest in the team and the league.

Message to Orridge: You might be a talented marketing guy. But until you take charge and restore the integrity of the “product”, you are wasting everyone’s time.

The thing is by Thorpe handing in his resignation (by email no less ! this is a guy who was stuck as an assistant in the CIS, who had walked away previously claiming Montreal could not care properly for his autistic child). He's put the league in a null situation... The contract is between the Als and Thorpe. So the only recourse the Als have is against Thorpe is to sue him, he knows damn well the remedy will take months and in Quebec no court will force him to work for the Als and unless there is a clause in that contract about damages, the Als will get a coke and a smile from "Les normes du Travail".

Thorpe has on his own (and probably a little help from his buddy Maas) put the league in a no win situation. League can't prevent him from working and as a third party has zero means of enforcing the contract.

The Eskimos on the other hand can't be PROVEN to have tampered since Thorpe resigned first before signing in Edmonton.

Thorpe has done more to expose how broken and impotent the CFL is than anyone I can remember but for the Als there will only be fallout.

Yes, and that's what hurts the most.

Let's be honest, young skilled ex-NCAA players going north to CFL camps feel they were overlooked by the NFL. Many harbor a burning desire to get back home and onto an NFL roster. To do this, they have to demonstrate that the NFL coaches who cut them failed to see something.

So what do they ask their agents to do when they go to the CFL?

(1) Get me on a winning team, so I get noticed.
(2) Get me on a team with great coaches, so I continue to develop my skills - so I get noticed.

Right now, Als come up short, and there will be fallout in attracting talent.

EDIT: Oh, and I know that notable US College players are placed on CFL "negotiating lists", so they aren't really free to pick their team. (By the way, another secretive CFL practice that should be made transparent, if not abolished.)

I agree on all counts. No wonder Cohon walked away. With the new deal half the players are now free agents. By the looks of it most if not all teams have any money left on their SMS to extend players till next year.

You can't build quality football organizations with a 50 percent turnover in players and a 35 percent turnover not only in HC but entire coaching staffs each year. Then add playing around with the rules, uneven officiating and no doping policy. What are we watching here ? Football is the ultimate team sport for a reason and the only sport where every specific play is called from the sideline. How does this make the league and the quality of the play better ? We are moving pieces around, that's the "fix"...

Weird in that Popp is saying that he never talked to Thorpe. I guess you could say Thorpe is smart as he left before the league was scheduled to formally implement rules regarding coaching movement. Can't enforce something that was not in place when your situation occurred.

...The league has taken a turn for the worse IF this situation with Thorpe is allowed to stand..What player down south would want to come to the CFL seeking recognition if the league looks like a joke...The word farce comes to mind when looking at this present situation...Time for Mr. Orridge to take charge or suffer the consequences of a crumbling league.. :oops:

Mr. Wetenhall does not like to be made a fool...

Selfish yes, smart... hell no.

In hindsight, the naming of Reed as the 2 assistant head coach should have been a sign of something brewing. The conspiracy theory would say that the Als were sending a message to Thorpe then or that Thorpe is now giving his response.