Noel Thorpe hired

His name was in the back of my mind but I wasn't sure the Carabins were going to let him go or that he'd be good enough to return to the cfl. Very good choice and very happy with the move. He can help with STs too as a former coach. :thup:

My dad told me the als probably already had their candidate picked and he was bang on. Marshall still has a year left of pay from ssk anyway.

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According to Herb, Trestman says they've been trying to hire him for a while. Great to see Trestman showing confidence in a Canadian coach. :thup:

Thorpe seems to have come from a defensive background all along (he coached our DBs for five years), but was in the wrong place at the wrong time. During his time in Montreal, Chris Jones was entrenched as the DC, and during his time in Edmonton, it was Richie Hall, both top-tier DCs. Thorpe obviously wasn't going to get a shot at being a DC behind those two. He's spent two years as a DC, albeit in the CIS. He'll be able to lean on Sinclair and Sheldon. Most importantly, he seems like someone who understands how to get the most out of his players. Reinebold seemingly came in with a preset playbook and alignment and then forced square pegs into round holes, without being able to adjust on the fly. Hopefully Thorpe will do a better job of putting our talent in a position to succeed.

Also great to hire him so quickly so he can hit the ground running, assess the players and figure out where he needs Popp to bring in fresh talent.

Agreed on all points.

What I think I found most frustrating about Reinebold's scheme was he telegraphed the blitz too often.

Having Cox and Hebert switch positions every now and then might not have been a bad idea, but it seemed like EVERY TIME he did that, Hebert came on a blitz. So the other team, as soon as they saw Cox back at safety and Hebert up at LB, they knew that Hebert was coming on a blitz and could (and did) adjust to it. It was just too obvious.

Part of Reinebold’s greater problem of predictability in general. Everyone and their brother knew we were planning man-corner / zone-inside in most situations. Everyone knew where the holes were in our coverage and attacked them, particularly on second down (intermediate seams, flats).

and his inability to adjust as the game went on.

Yeah, he sucked hard at adjusting. Either he did it way, way too late, or his adjustments weren't effective. He was just in over his head as DC, in retrospect. He'd never been a DC, wasn't from that side of the ball, and had spent 12-13 years out of the league. What's worse, he evidently came here thinking he could run a '90s style CFL defense and have success (five-man fronts and lots of zone).

not sure what he said when he met with Trestman to get hired over the other candidates they supposedly interviewed. Maybe he brought macadamia nuts and pineapple from Hawaii when they met.

Well, it happens. You make a mistake in hiring, or the candidate talks a better game than the reality. What concerns me is that Trestman's track record of hiring good non-offensive coordinators isn't great: Tibesar, Reinebold, Bischoff, Richard Kent. He's struck out all four times. Burke was Popp's hire, not his.

Noel who?

No comments or predictions from me. Let's see results.

Voilà un point très juste. Popp a cette habilité à percevoir les qualités des gens pour les besoins d'embauche qu'il a. Bien que Trestman sera ultimement le patron de ses subalternes, compte tenu de la feuille de route de Popp, il devrait lui faire confiance et céder le pas pour l'embauche du personnel d'entraîneurs aussi. Sa feuille de route est assez bonne de ce côté.

Maintenant que Reinebold est parti, quelqu'un voudrait revoir Stewart avec l'équipe?

Aucun intérêt en un joueur qui aura 37 ans en février 2013.


disciplineand punish wrote: "Burke was Popp's hire,not his" His stands for Marc Trestman.

Why do you say this/think so? As far as I am concerned, Tim Burke was added to Marc's coaching staff,by Marc. Burke was the interim defensive coordinator,-in the 2007 mid-season- in Calgary, but Chris Jones was hired as the defensive coordinator,in 2008,resulting in Tim Burke looking elsewhere. He was hired as Als defensive coordinator in 2008.


Richard, I am not certain about this, and I don't have a link to back it up, but I believe that Popp insisted on Trestman taking on Burke so that Trestman would have a veteran DC to lean on in his first year in the CFL.

I never heard this.

Scott Milanovich,Scott Squires and Casey Creehan,also on the 2008 coaching staff, had all CFL experience.


Yes, but Milanovich had never been a coordinator. I remember reading somewhere that Popp wanted Trestman to take on a veteran DC who could manage the defense without a lot of hand-holding and so ease Trestman into the CFL.

I would have been excited if Thorpe was named Special Teams Co-ordinator, but as Defensive Co-ordinator, lets face it, we won`t really know until mid-season. I had high hopes in Reinebold, but now will remain skeptical with Thorpe until he proves himself.

He is obviously not in Chris Jones or Rich Stublers class as yet. But there was really no one else out there that was an obvious choice. Greg Marshall`s defenses always seemed to fold in the big games, and potential newbies like Steinhauer and Washington would also have to prove themselves.

So heres hoping that Trestman gets it right this time. We dont want Johnny starting any Fire Trestman threads.

In all fairness to Trestman, he was somewhat handicapped and limited last year by Tibesar`s late departure in mid -Jan. He might even have wanted Thorpe at the time, but could have been denied permission.

Je ne suis pas certain que c'est vraiment Trestman qui ait embauché Burke. Lors de l'embauche de Trestman, Popp avait mentionné qu'il verrait à entourer Trestman d'entraîneurs qui connaissent bien le football canadien, parce que Trestman n'y avait jamais goûté. Mon impression est que c'est Popp qui a vu en Burke ce genre de candidat et qui l'a vendu à Trestman. En fin de compte, Trestman l'aurait engagé, mais peut-être un peu beaucoup parce qu'il était alors le poulain de Popp.

he still would have been useful this past season especially given all the injuries on the D line. 4 sacks in his first game with the Stamps, veteran leadership and well liked.

He was also one of their better d lineman down the stretch last season too.

I would grab him for the right money.

I hope that Thorpe is successful being a position coach for some years there went to U Montreal and the CIS and had a great amount of success there. As a Canadian also if successful coming from the CIS to the pro level this could perhaps be an upgrade for Canadian football in general where a coach can take his experience and succedd at the CIS level making the coaching in the CIS better and a way for coaches to break into the CFL as a Coordinator. Better to have Canadian Coaches come through the CIS and be successful in the CFL than to go to the NCAA for this as Thorpe and hopefully many after him are already ahead of the curve in knowing the three down game.