Noel "Cash For Life" Prefontaine

Missed FG from 30yds...missed FG from 20yds...shanked punt out of bounds to give away field position.

My question is why is Prefontaine blowing off practice everyday to go golfing when he's putting up embarassing performances like this? Go down to practice and see for yourself - - Prefontaine is out of there after an hour, and while the rest of the team is on the practice field and in film study he's on the golf course.

If you want to spend all day golfing, that's fine. But then quit collecting a paycheque and costing the Argos victories.

How do you know he's on the golf course? Are you stalking him?

Friend of mine works at the course where Prefontaine likes to play.

Hard to believe but Wow. If that's true man... He better not run into David Braley :smiley:

I noticed Mike O'Shea went to see Milanovich after the field goal he made. I think some players are going to have some surprises. Milanovich is not the type to play games.

Sandro is still in great shape and waiting in the wings !! plus hes CANADIAN :rockin: actually there is a lot of Great Canadian kickers out there that just got cut. No Pressure Pre ! FOUR !!

Not hard to believe at all. If you had a choice would you be at work or playing golf?

What's hard to believe is that the coaches in Toronto allow this to happen. The kicker's allowed to piss off early while everyone else has to stay behind in practice and film study. What kind of message does this send to the rest of the team?

It might be a different story if Prefontaine was nailing all his FGs like McCallum, but when you miss from 30yds and then again from 20yds it's time to revoke some country club menberships at Club Argo.

I have the choice every day and I choose to work.

I don't think you have to worry. Milanovich is not going to put up with that BS.

i went to an argos practice years ago, and can vouch that pre spends more time hitting golf balls at practice than he spends kicking FG's.
it's very true, sadly.

if pre made the FG's that he should have, the argos win that game.

The Argos seemed to find the answer with Import Swaze waters kickin 2 50 yarders last game. 4 FG today acounting for all of torontos points and they have a rookie kicker somewhere on the team tp back up.
His pulting has been outstanding as he has used a more NFL style with hang time intead of the kicking lindrives away from punt returners. He has neeted the pest punt average since entering the CFL. Yhe hang time apparently agrees with the coverage teams also not to mention the addition of etienne Boulay who will most likley focus on sp teams but doe add depthat botj Canadian Content and DB as he is 3rd on the depth chart behind Impoty Younger and non import ans sp teams co. Matt black.

De angolous just signed with the Riders to add depth at K/p/KO t boyj pish Milo and to also take on one of the dutied as ot to wher Milo down doing three jobs