Nobody tries long field goals anymore!

Except maybe the Stamps, but teams care so much about field position now that if its outside the 45 yard line they always punt. We used to see more 50, 55, even 60 yard attempts.

Obviously, the field position strategy is sound, but it is kind of cool to see them try a really long kick and make it, like 58 yards. Or are these kickers just not as good as Passagilia, Osbaldiston, and other players like that? It makes you wonder.

And when exactly did you see 50,55 or even 60 yard attempts?

Yes they have been tried but only in desperation.....not on a regular basis!

Only on windy days at Taylor Field.

iunno but it is great to see long kicks. I know there was a kid in the winnipeg high school league who nailed a 48 yarder. and guy on my team 2 years ago rang the bang off the bottom cross bar from 51 yards. So i think CFL kickers can do it but if you can pin your opponent and get better field position it is a smarter way to play.

Yeah my childhood seems riddled with memories of 50+ yard CFL FGs… I guess after Gizmo’s heyday, teams compensated to avoid game-swinging returns which are most likely to occur from long FG attempts.

this much like hte constant out of bounds punts are caused by every team in the league having a dangerous return man ready to run the ball back and the field goal unit is not meant to be chasing after small fast guys like tompkins or armstead

Well in Winnipeg's case our kicker usually misses from the 40 so you won't see us trying any 45 yarders any time soon.

This is probably something the CFL should look into. How can FGs become more appealing. The league has definitely become more defensive in the last 6-9 years.

The lack of long FGs doesn't bother me so much but the dulldrome of special teams plays with no significant returns has taken alot of excitment out of the game.

Be Careful what you ask for! A certain "Aussie" poster will tell you all about his idea(s)for 50+ field goal attempts! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Nobody tries the long field goals, because the returners might burn you for a lot of yards, so why take the chance? If you miss not only do you lose 3 points, but it could mean 7 the other way.

i think that the idea of retunring a field goal should be taken out of the rule books. now i know this will tkae critizism but if a kicker misses a field goal there shopuld be no chance for return and no single point if it goes through the endzone. same goes for punts through the endzone. i think the single point on missed field goals and punts through the endzone is kinda dumb. a missed field goal is a missed field goal and failure shouldn;t be rewarded by a single point.

does anyone else here feel like the same discussion just goes on repeating itself every two months or so. now what are we going to call the new ottawa team.

I’ll tell him Blackie,

The single point is NOT for rewarding failure!

The single point awarded to the kicking team for the receiving team NOT getting the ball out of their end zone. That is what makes the CFL so unique.

Careful how you word that, Sporty. No telling when you might incure "The Wrath of The Action Point" discussion once again. :lol:

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