Nobody sucks like an argooooo!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

That was a lot funnier when Arland was an Argo......and when it was posted a year ago.

except for the wendys kicker

7-9 woot~!!!@ :rockin:

nice win.......gonna be close 'til the end.

I think you'll also join us in wishing Winnipeg bad luck? :lol:
After all you have to be sore since they always seemed to just squirm away from you guys for the win. One time the argos give up 7 turnovers and STILL almost beat the Bombers, but lose 15-14 and the second just about to come back but as soon as the argo's O steps on the field. POURING rain. Lucky Bombers :cowboy:

Went out to a Halloween party last night dressed as a Tiger-Cats fan, an old jersey #22, old leaping Tiger ball cap, a mini Tiger- Cats helmet bottle opener around my neck, a Tiger club cover wearing a yellow Tiger- Cats helmet and a very large sign I had slung over my back that stated ARGOS SUCK! To top it all off there was a person with questionable taste in football teams at the party.His wife had a good laugh when she saw the sign.

Saw a great Halloween costume at IWS yesterday.

It was Frankenstein, and on his back was a sign that said, "Vampires Suck and so do the Argos!"

loved it!

I saw that guy too, the people around me got a good kick out of the costume.