Nobody onside?

How can they say there was nobody onside on the punt.
A.C. was on side the whole o-line was onside?
Unless they were talking about anyone who had a chance to recover.

I didnt understand what you said on the montreal calgary page ( tho timing us)?????

I believe that everyone was 'onside' as everyone that is behind the kicker is able to recover (including the kicker. Similar to a punt).

Exactly my point but why did the ref yell no-one onside.
I ment watching a CFL and NFL game two-timing(cheating)

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It was such a strange and rare play that things were said and done that were definitly not clear. To be honest, I think there were a number of people mixed up on the play:

  • the 2 refs that each through a flag
  • the announcers as they were getting way ahead of themselves even before the head ref made his call

It was not until the refs huddled up and then the head ref clarified by saying there was no penalty as there were no members 'offside'; in other words all members of that kicking team were onside. Again what was said and heard was quite confusing - unfortunately between John Wells saying anything that comes to his mind or Leif Petterson bragging about something, and also the initial refs making bad calls ...all in all it was a cluster f*ck.

That's my take on that play (in the end the head ref got it right - no flag).

The NFL game SUCKED it blowed chunks so I went back to the Calgary game

I didn't even have to turn it on to know it sucked

That play really got everyone going, the announcers were yelling, the refs were yelling the players were yelling the coaches everyone, it was great as we all held our breath waiting for the refs to get the call right, and they did, Arlaine and his crew are pretty decent.

Im not sure sure they got it right. They waved off the no yards but it was not the kicker who was inside the 5 yard zone

They did get it right ...everyone behind the kicker is able to recover. is the exact same as if they punted on a 3rd down - if there was someone standing behind a punter on a regular punt, that player would be eligible.

In that game you are correct that the refs got it right in waving off the no yards...they waived it because the player that almost got to the ball, was originally behind the kicker when the ball was kicked.

I was wondering, its basically an onside kick, so does it have to go 10 ten yards or is that only on a kick off......

No, for a punt it doesn't matter.

Basically they are different situations because a punt can be blocked by the receiving team, but there's no chance to do this on a kickoff. A kickoff has to go at least ten yards because that's as close as the receiving team can be.

I see what your saying.
It just that whoever it was that was inside the 5 yard limit did not seem to be going after the ball. I though he knew he could not touch the ball and so I figured he shold have been called for no yards.
Are you following me?