Nobody at the air port

Just saw the news,live update at the air port waiting for the lions to come home,now i know it is early before they arrive, but nobody is there, maybe 20 people, what a joke, if that was the canucks you would not be able to get in.I predict they will not even get a 100 people at the airport, i guess the lions are not as big as everybody thinks, maybe that is why they are not doing a parade, nobody will go.

Lions fan's should be Imbarresed, just awfull.And i saw last night on the news that fans were very casuale after the game, no celebration what so ever.I was thinking of getting season tickets but if nobody cares about this team why do i want to sit in an empty satdium.?

Man...that's too bad. I was at the airport this morning when the Als arrived. Got to support your team even when they lose for the 4th time out 5. :slight_smile:

Hi Crimson fox, probebly more people supported that, than our fan's do, i remember in 2002.... when you you gy's won the grey cup in edmonton, that for your celebration had almost a hundread thousand people.That is awsome.I hope we at least get 4,000 people out om for the celebration.

I would like to be there to congrats Lions but France is too far to come... :lol:

But I wish you will be at the airport and for the parade, and there will be a lot of people!! :thup:

Only a 100 people showed up at the airport what a joke,(heard it on 1040)After seeing 50,000 at the western final this team must think oh my god ,doesen't anybody care , what else do we have to do, to get some support in this town?

Cfl is minor league, folks that what it is.I proved it again.Bet you less than a 1000,00 people show up tom.I don't know why they can't have thier celebration in the eaving in the dome, at least that way they would get lot's of kids out.

Canucks are still the only team in town.

I live in Edmonton and the Eskimos, who have excellent support (over 22,000 season ticket holders year after year), only had a couple hundred people show up at the airport when we won the Cup in BC last year. There weren't many people at the victory rally either, but I blame that on the idiots in City Hall who planned it and hosted it at a FOOD COURT, if you can believe it.

It doesn't mean the CFL is "minor league", it just proves that Canada only FULLY supports one thing - NHL hockey. We don't support our university or college hockey teams or even our junior or semi-pro hockey teams like we should. Even most of the American college hockey teams get MUCH better support than our teams.

The fact is that NHL Hockey is King in Edmonton too. Doesn't matter how much the Oilers suck, they will always be more popular than the Eskimos. The NHL is King in EVERY Canadian city, that's not going to change. That doesn't mean the CFL isn't a great league and something we should be proud of, especially considering it's the ONLY league that is based solely in Canada. It's about two things - population and economics. If the NHL only had eight Canadian teams and no teams in all the big-money American cities like New York and Detroit, it would not be nearly as big of an economic power either - NHL players would not be making $8 million a year. So those idiots who love to cut down the CFL for the size or whatever need to look in the mirror - it's nothing more than a reflection of our country, a low populated and insecure nation living next to the world's greatest super power.

The other thing is that when a team wins the Stanley Cup it's MUCH more of a rollar coaster ride for fans. Even people in cities that don't give a hoot about hockey (southern USA) can't help but eventually get on the bandwagon because it drags out for so long - four rounds, up to seven games per round - that's a lot of hockey.

It's just best to try to ignore all the trash-talking idiots who literally "get off" on making fun of the CFL and feel like "big boys" - they should just do us all a favour and move to the US where they'll be "small potatos".

CFL fans have to stop worrying about everything. The league isn't perfect (then again, the NHL wasn't perfect for the last decade either), but it's got a lot of potential to continue to grow and it's a key part of Canadian culture and history.

Poll on Team 1040 on which is Vancouvers #1 team today , Lions or Canucks had Lions at 59% over the Canucks from listeners .

Your post is so contradictory Dupdsel , in one sentence you mention 50,000 at BC Place and then say people don't care about the team. So how do you explain the 50k ??? Or say you don't want to sit in an empty stadium??? Why are you on this forum?? why don't you just go watch the Seahawks lose some more??? :roll: And drop lots more easy passes like those Jags are doing tonight on Monday Night Football??

At least Lions receivers can catch a football.

Unfortunately, I think many people were like me and would've LOVED to have been there, but couldn't take the time off work. I was there in spirit!

The same thing happened when Geroy and Dave showed up for a store opening/autograph session in Richmond last year. All of 15 people was disgusting. I got to "hang" with them for awhile and they were so great - really down to earth and approachable. I feel just awful that they didn't get a big, roaring ovation. I wanted to go SSSSOOOO bad but my parents are in bad health and I've got to save any days off for their upcoming treatments/surgeries.

Too bad it hadn't been a later flight...I would've shown in my full "gear" from yesterday - everything from my orange shoes to my Lion earrings and my Geroy jersey. I also have a Lion's logo on my living room window (hand drawn), along with a big orange sign. Hopefully they passed it on their way home from the's along the way.

Dupsdell... I have always resisted saying this but... PISS OFF!!!! You never have anything to say that is not negative... get a life go and move in with dannydan and watch your NFL... AS A LIONS SEASONS TICKET HOLDER I DON'T WANT PEOPLE LIKE YOU THERE!!! Also get off this site.....

I was at the airport. The team did not come in at the Main YVR terminal but an obscure terminal way past the old South terminal building....because they had chartered a flight.
It was wet, it was cold, but our hearts were warm.
We may have not been 50,000 but boy, were we a happy, loud bunch! The players thanked us!! for being such great fans.
We were there for all those that couldn't be.......the numbers aren't important, it's the heart that counts.

Right on LeoFan. Perhaps the greatest Lions season ever and this is all he ever has to offer to this forum. Piss off!

And thanks FootballFanatic for putting things into persepctive.

I had two choices... either go today and miss a few hours or work or do the same tomorrow for the downtown rally. I chose the latter and will be there to cheer on the boys one more time. :smiley:

I'm disagree too with you dimpsel, when you say "CFL is a minor league". It's false, CFL is a great league, we need more team but for the moment it's a great competition.

A lot of people couldn't stop to work to go to the airport. Me, I'm in France, and my heart was at the airport but not my body, it's too far.

If you have an 50,000 people attendance on the game, Vancouver really loves his football team. You can have an hockey team and a football team in a same's possible. Canucks are great, Lions too....

Vancouver for ever!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

50,000 at the game says lots. :roll:

Personally, I think the CFL is a great league but they got to start getting their act together when it comes to the front office if they want to be taken seriously. These owners and their revolving door commissioners are really starting to get to me. The on-field officiating is also very weak (and I don't just mean the Grey Cup). Improve those two areas and go back to the old blocking rules on kickoff/punt returns, and you got yourself one hell of a product. :wink:

Well, it's nice that you heard it on Team 1040. I was actually there.I came from the Island to see them. 3 fans came from Princeton and one came from Cache Creek. What was your excuse? I'm waiting. Nice fan you are. It always cracks me up that the first people to bitch about attendance and fans not showing up for events are always the ones who heard it on the radio or saw it on TV. Give me a freaking break! First of all, the airport was a private charter terminal that was not easy to find.It was NOT the main YVR terminal. Secondly, the airport gathering was supposed to technically be media only, but the Lionbackers fan club wanted fans out to meet the boys as well. Before you cast stones, you fairweather "fan" get your facts straight. And finally, there were over 2000 people at the celebration on Tuesday. Dry up and blow away. I hear the Canucks calling you. One more thing, Einstein-the Lions have 5 times as many championships as the Canucks do, and I wouldn't hold my breath for a Stanley Cup THIS year either.

yeah but if that was the canucks you would have 4,000 - 6,000 at the airport, and you have a parade with the estimated crowed of close to a million people. Does not even compare.

Good thing you won't have to worry about that any time soon then! And to the marketing genius who came up with the Canuck ads? No, we are NOT all Canucks!

not saying there are going to win it, just saying that if they do win it in the future.

And how many years in the future might that be? Certainly their how many million dollar goalie doesn't seem to be the answer.

So agree with you cats eyes.........not everyone is a Canuck fan!