Noah Picton

Thinking some long time Argo fan may go beserk if they go so far as to play Picton ahead of Franklin and MBT but congratulations to Noah for getting a deal. Job 1 is done.

Playing time may be a different story as I don’t see Toronto having the luxury of being able to break in a new qb without immediate results but oh well. Good on Jim Popp for giving him a chance.

Maybe swap him to Regina in exchange for the more experienced Bridge. Both teams get local boys for a little extra attention.

I get the feeling MBT won’t be around when the season starts in June, but who knows what’ll happen between now and then.

Now that you mention it, I can see Jim Popp not bringing MBT back to clear the way for his man James Franklin who was brought in to be the guy.

Picton may get the #3 spot.

Wild card may be Ricky Ray who I could see reuniting with his buddy Maas if he decides to go one more time. Never did hear the exact nature of the injury he suffered but I did wonder if Trestman was just not interested at one point. Having nothing to play for post labor day may also have influenced the decision.