Noah Picton

I've been following this young Canadian QB from Regina.
Flute size and Flute smarts....
Do we see a future for this versatile, tenacious athlete in the CFL?

probably not.

piles of talent...unless we see some sort of move with the QB hitting the ratio in some fashion.

5ft 9" is being pretty generous with Picton....i don't see him getting much traction, though I believe he will likely land in a camp somewhere.

Seems that 'may' be the case.
I'm certainly not saying this young QB is a prime candidate, however I recall years ago following Doug Flute the same was being eluded too.

I recall Flutie being an inch or 2 taller in an era that linemen were not as tall as they are now with consistency and am pretty sure that Picton would be the smallest CFL QB in modern era. Flutie also came in with 5 years pro experience including around 30 starts with half of those in the NFL after a senior year of college where he won about every award possible and was still passed up by the NFL.

he "may" get is much more likely he won't. Again...if the ratio gets changed in some fashion then he likely does.

Now I could see him being looked at as a WR

He may have Flutie size and smarts, but no where near the the Flutie skill

Agreed, Flute definitely was a stronger presence at the position.
I also agree with Depop in that Flute did progress in the NFL despite similar physical limitations in stature.

There might be a spot for him in Cgy now that Buckley announced his retirement

There is no question that if I was in charge of a team I would have him in my TC.

I would certainly look at his skills as a football player not just as a QB. Generally QBs at the CIS level are very good athletes, have high football IQs and are motivated.

Biggest knock against CIS QBs is actually not a knock against them but the secondaries they face. Don't get me wrong...there are more bad secondaries in NCAA than there are good ones...but there are good ones...and that developes a QB faster.

I agree.

to be more clear I'd bring him in to see if he could play SB or a hybrid receiver a la Durie, Sinopoli etc.
or if he is only a QB option.

Picton is a great QB, but his size will hold him back. And he's sure not a Doug Flutie clone, not sure why the two of them are even being compared.

Not shocking he is getting some sort of look.

Argos is perhaps a good place. Trestman is a huge supporter of Canadian development and was a big force behind CIS players getting time in camps. The downside...he is not a massive fan of scramblers and likes his timing routes. That does not play well into Picton's strengths.

Likely the most ideal training ground and learning environment any young QB could dream of: Trestman, Popp, Calvillo, and Ricky Ray.

Might not be enough to overcome size issues, but may really benefit him otherwise.

Being signed by the Argos is the best thing that could happen for this young QB.
Not only glad but Good to See in the CFL
Now lets see how the development goes.