Noah Picton - Top CIS QB prospect - TOO SHORT?

I strongly suspect bombers will pass on Rams all-star QB Noah Picton at upcoming CIS draft - IN EVERY ROUND HE'S AVAILABLE. My intel says Picton will go anywhere from 2nd to 4th round.

He's listed at 5'9", probably a tad short of that marker unless he's wearing inserts in his cleats!

Lets examine the history of short QBs in pro football. In CFL there have beenthree (3) in Picton's height range -all Americans.

Legendary Doug Flutie actually towered over Picton - Flutie listed at 5'10", many said he was more like 5'9" but Flutie might have been the best QB to ever play the northern game - he was fleet afoot, had an above average throwing arm, his play-calling and field visibility were unparalled. Of course, Flutie could make orange juice out of mince-meat with his tiny but powerful legs and under-estimated speed. He was the greatest immo.

Ron Lancaster, also listed at 5'10" (but shrinking over his lengthy career) was the early clay model for Flutie. Serving as co QBs with legendary canuck Russ Jackson in Ottawa he was dispatched via trade to Saskatchewan in 1960 - and ended up being one of the greats. Not quite as fast as Flutie - but perhaps gifted with a slightly stronger arm - he made fools out of CFL secondaries for two decades - and sometimes out of himself as he was never shy to toss the ball up for grabs even if he didn't see openings. Lots of records for interceptions. In his early days Little General could lug the ball as a roll-out specialist, buying time with his rolls and either taking off if Gluey Hughey or Big Al weren't open. Once he hit 30 and put on 20 to 30 lbs. his running days diminished severely and he morphed into a classic dropback passer with continued success - only showing real deterioration his last year or two.

Kevin Glenn - listed at 5'10", but more like 5'8.5" is the most recent comparison to Picton. Unlike Flutie and Lancaster Glenn was more a classic dropback passer - despite being fairly athletic in his early days. He was probably groomed poorly as he spent time on the riders roster in his earliest days - before the bombers got hold of him as their starter and almost broke the little fella.

But Glenn perservered and now, mostly due to his time served has some gaudy CFL passing stats. He's actually running more at 37/38 than he did at 24 to 30.

Solid arm - but without the extra6 to9 inches of periscope depth tends to throw into blind spots. Often effective, often not with major untimely picks pocking his good career.

If Noah Picton can be his own man - but incorporate the best of Glenn, Flutie & Lancaster he might look forward to a nice CFL career. Initially as a ball-placer and 3rd string trainee., before getting his chance to shine.

Given Winnipeg's incredible propensity to choke at the draft table - (usually due to fear of better players going to the NFL - guess that's why they took Geoff Gray last year, huh?) why not take Picton, if available at #7 vs. a gob of goo like Ekakitie from last season's nightmare draft?

Certainly at #15 in the 2nd round!

It is a generous 5-9
I've heard the Bombers are very interested...not sure why
They kept yapping about him at CFL week.
I think he will go last round or undrafted

Dude is impressive...if he was a couple inches taller he would probably make it.

Right now, there are only 4 QBs listed as under 6'
Glenn, Masoli, Adams, Durant

Glenn's numbers are impressive...times served are not.

Then there's the two NFL examples - the great Russell Wilson who apparently clocks in at just under 5'11" and the immortal Drew Brees, who's listed at 6'0", prolly 5'11.25 rounded up.

Given their abysmal track record at the draft table - the bombers have little to no risk in plucking Picton at either #7 or #14 - and he'd be a gift in later rounds.

However, his best option is being taken by Toronto, even Hamilton. In TO he'd be surrounded by a cerebral offensive coaching legend as his head coach with Ricky Ray as a playing mentor, AC Calvillo as a QB coach. Can't get much better than that - the argos already have James Franklin in the wings so why not?

In Hamilton - he could work off the field with now semi-retired Kent Austin, no slouchy as a CFL pivot - might not even have to roster the guy for his first year - just taxi him along as a developmental guy!

Winnipeg needs results and the primary fear is the kid would get pressed into service if something terrible happened to Nichols and Durant was exposed as fully broken. Bombers not known for developing their talent and sautéing them in spot play. . . . . . other than covering up or protecting frauds like Ekakitie!

....We just signed a couple of new recruits for the quarterbacking position....Alex Ross and Tyler Stewart....Don't know much about Stewart but Ross is familiar....He played for the leos last year ...most likely a Rigmaiden recommend...Watched a vid. on him and he didn't look all that bad...Says he's 6'1...but I think that's a stretch....IF height is a determining factor on how good you are...he might fill the bill :wink:

Good Lord...if the Bombers ever used a first round pick on a 5-9 CIS QB the BB fans on here would be apoplectic.

.....and the guy who made the pic would be deemed a-1 pathetic, then tarred and feathered....Got nothing against players like Flutie but many of his kind come along in a millennium

Speaking of shorter qb's Danny Mac ain't no giant.

I am not sure what they are planning with Durant. Will he be used in short yardage to keep him in the game? Does he show up with a touque and some mitts to hang out on the sideline?

Probably opened up room for Cody Fajardo in BC by cutting Ross. New regime, new guys is how I see it. Fajardo was pretty good in limited playing time with Toronto. If Ross is with the team I hope they use him in some capacity but really don't expect much. Holder for field goals or short yardage would be good developmental skills for him to work on.

I can see Picton going undrafted or late round at best. Not sure anyone will use an early pick.

I like what he did at the combine and he continues to not go away as a player. I was very impressed by the six reps on the bench press at 225 when he could have chosen to not participate. Hec Creighton did someone say? He fits the not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog thing.

Don't see him fitting in with the Bombers although there was something about them being interested before signing Ross.

Would almost be like the 6'8" ghost we drafted first last year.