Did anyone else notice mistakes made in the Saskatchewan / Hamilton game with the way no yards was being called?

At one point in the 3rd quarter, Saskatchewan was only called for a 5 yard penalty even though Hamilton caught the ball in the air.

And earlier in the game Saskatchewan was called for 15 yards when a ball was bouncing back to their goal line. I thought they changed that rule back so that this would once again only be 5 yards.

I am not impressed with the officials on this one.

Here is a quote from the CFL rules.

“shall allow five yards to an opponent attempting to gain possession of the kicked ball. The five yard zone is determined by a circle of radius five yards, with the centre point being the ball at the instant it is first touched by an opponent.
Penalty: (1) In field of play - scrimmage by receiving team 15 yards in advance of the point where the ball was first touched, OR 5 yards in advance of that point if the kicked ball had struck the ground before being touched by the receiving team.”

I could be wrong but I believe this rule was changed for this year. I don't think that the yardage is based on whether or not the ball bounced or not. I believe it is up to the referees discretion if the player on the kicking team tried to get out of the 5 yard zone.

If the ref thinks the player intentionally violated the 5 yard radius then it is a 15 yard penalty but if the player was trying to vacate the 5 yard radius then it is only a 5 yard penalty.

It was changed exactly as you stated bison but it was changed back somewhere around week 3-4

It was stated that a 15 yd penalty would be given if the team within the no yards zone intended to put a hit on the returner or return player going to field the punt. Barrett's argument was that there was no such intent and the ball bounced back towards the kicking team. I thought it was pointless for him to argue the call because it was one of a very few breaks that went Hamilton's way last night.

What about when Hamilton caught the ball in the air and it was only given a 5 yards no yards? I have never seen a 5 yard penalty for no yards when the ball was caught in the air until then.

Is this true?


I remember hearing comentators saying that the rule had been changed back to what it was last year

I heard the same thing ro, I hope our men in stripes can fix the problem. The other rule I was wondering about, was the old straight arm to the helmet,while running with the ball... hand closed or not was going to draw the flag this year also...havn't seen it yet...

I actually have seen the staright arm to the helmet been called a couple of times this year. I can't remember in which games though.

You might be right devastater, I sometimes watch football through a end of a beerbottle. More times than not, it isn't called. I actually like seeing the old straight arm, lets go back to old..

exactly. i was baffled. that call is automatic.

I thought it was automatic too, JerkFaceLoser. Seems like a strange and incorrect call by the officials to me.

And you're right also, hankthetank, most of the time that penalty isn't called. But I have seen it called I think maybe 1 or 2 times this season. I wish I could remember which games it was called in. I don't think it should be called unless it is a blantant grab of the facemask.

It's really up to the refs to call it, if they are calling it wrong like you state, then those refs need to go. the rule works, the refs aren't.

I thought that the new rule was if you're carrying the ball you're allowed to stiff arm somebody in the face.

I haven't seen it.

I think in this case it was called a mercy rule. :stuck_out_tongue: