NO Yards

Can somebody explain the no yards penalty ... I thought the rule was changed to be 15 yards no matter whether it bounces or not. The last punt that we received, a no yards penalty for 5 yards ....????

Its if the defence makes no attempt to get out of the 5 yd area.

On a shanked punt its difficult for all players to get out of that area.

You ae right Boobyp, the rule at the start of the season was that ALL no yards regardless of accidental or not were 15 yard penatlies.
Either before or during week 4, the PTB from the CFL decided that this was to stiff a penalty if the kicker got a bad kick off and you just happened to be in the 5 yd. restrainign zone.
So the ruling is back to last year. If you ar ein the 5yd. restraining zone on a kick and make an attempt to leave or not make contact since you were not intending to be there it is 5 yard penalty. If you incroach the restraining zone and continue to plow over the reciever then it is a 15 yd. penalty.

no, it wasn't.

this was/is the new rule for this year:

previously pretty much any punt that bounced was a 5 yard no yards penalty. this year they're stressing the "must be trying to get out of the 5 yard zone" part.