No Yards

I stand to be corrected, but it seems to me that there are more calls for no yards on punt returns this year than in previous years.

Now, I accept that sometimes a no yards call is unavoidable, but it seems to me that this year there are so many such calls that I wonder what the heck the players are being taught.

Surely coaching staffs point out to newcomers the 5 yard no-go zone; veterans in the CFL should already be aware of it. So why the heck are we seeing three or four no-yards calls every game?

This isn't exactly rocket science. You don't go to within 5 yards of the returner until he touches the ball; so when he hasn't touched it, and it's bouncing around in front of him, why in the world are so many players this year, veterans included, getting silly no-yards penalties??

I'm wondering if the players/coaches aren't realizing that a five yard penalty for infringing on the protective halo is moot in comparison to the anticipated return.....

No its because if the ball thouches the ground, its worthwile to give up a 5 yard penality to insure no runback

TSN or CBC should do a graphic on the 5 yd area to see if anyone is inside that area on a kick or punt return.

Prob is that the penalty is applied from when he touched the ball, not from where he is tackled. If he touches the ball on the ten and runs to the 20 the penalty will not take him to the 25. If the penalty is accepted the ball will be placed on the 15 so it will be declined!

You must have needed the blue dot to follow the black puck on white ice

Isn't there enough clutter on the screen already? I mean, with in game tickers, bottom of the screen ticker for other sports scores and stats, and just introduced an on-field graphic for FG accuracy from various yardage, its getting too much.

If you want some fancy graphic, here's one for ya. Take the GC in the 'Peg this year, and have the stats guys come up with a graphic detailing how long the lineups are to use the john during halftime.

KK the rule I explain applies to all rules.

That is why you will see a team decline an offside penality after a 10 yard gain.

It does not "seem" to be the case. It is the case. You chose between the play or the penalty