No Yards Rule

Lets talk abou this great but needing improvement rule.

In general, I love this rule, it's SO much better than the fair catch in the NFL.

But I feel that the rule shouldn't appel if the ball hits the ground, then the ball should be fair game, maybe even like a fumble, no, forget that but the defence should have a shoot at toching a droped ball without the 5 yard penity.

Right now, if I was a defender on a punt sistuation, I'd forget abou the No Yards Rule and run after the guy as fast as I can, take the call, and put him back as far as I can, knowing that the recevier will get only 5 yards form where I stop him but fine cuz I spoted him at the 1 yard line, so the ball is spotted at the 6.

Anyone else have an opinion about the No Yards Rule and how it can be imporved?

KK A couple of problems for your ideas.

(1) If they didn't call no yards on the ball bouncing on the ground, you would have the kicking team "Pooch " Kicking then trying to recover on every play.

(2) I think there have been calls (From last year I remember) for No yards interference. I think they call it when the ball bounces and the kicking team is right on top of the receiver.

Sorry, the old fogey in me is comming out. Don't like change, leave it as it is!

The way the rule is enforced really sucks but the idea is good, better than the fair catch. Teams do exactly what you say, run up as fast as they can for the stop and take the 5 yards.
The rule needs some teeth and common sense though which as far as I see it, is missing sorely.
I think there should be intentional no yards penatly for 15 yards and unnitentional for 5.
Then there should be the common sense thing, where a ball takes a backward bounce or falls short and guys are trying to get out of the 5 yard zone . In such a case there should be no infraction. That used to realy pi$$ me off , to see guys trying to get out of the 5 yard zone but get penalized anyway. Now, no one trys to get out of the way anymore because of that reason.
No respect for the rule because it's a jacka$$ rule the way it's carried out .

The rule is fine as it is. Maybe referees miss the odd call, but generally its one of the better things they are at calling ... and I'm no fan of the quality of the refereeing.

I agree Penn, there should be a 15 yard intentional no yards penalty, which would make teams think twice about giving up 15 yards and the common sense thing too.

Isnt that pretty much the way it is now. If the ball is caught in the air it is a 15 yrd penality 5 yards if it bounces. You can look at it at intentional and unintentional.

Yes there is already a 15 yard penalty for intentional no yards. KK if the ball bounces, even when its back towards the guys rushing in, the guys on the rush still have an opportunity to back off 5 yards before the kick returner picks up the ball.

Of course the kicker himself can go after the ball without any penalty. It doesn't happen often enough, but it's pretty exciting when the kicker recovers his own punt.

Here is my impression of Sean Fleming kicking off to Ezra Landry and being the last player to try and stop him. :shock:

The no-yards rule needs some updating. Keep the 5 yards but add a little NFL to the rule. I figure that if the ball hits the ground there should not be a no-yards call. Instead it should be treated as live ball for both teams. If the ball is then touched by member of the kicking team, besides the on-side players, the ball should be dead at that spot. Any member of the receiving team woud be able to advance the ball however.
Any thoughts from anyone?

If you do that you will get the nfl effect. 24 guys standing around watching the ball roll around untill someone gets around to touching it.
I say leave it exactly as is it. Punt returns can be very exciting to watch so dont mess around with it except for punting it out of bounds

Putting a little NFL seems good, like if the kicking player but not the kicker gets it, the ball sould be spotted where he picked it up or it could be live like a fumble, but if it's in the endzone, that should be a TD.

ro1313 summed it up best. 24 guys watching a rolling ball.

Rule is perfect as it is.

Just a thought here - not necessarily my opinion. It's been pointed out that there is a 15 yard penalty for intentional no-yards. What are people's thoughts on increasing the unintentional no-yards call to 10 or 15 yards as well? Might make the game more interesting. . .any comments?

I knew it used to be that way but it’s been so long since I’ve seen a 15 yarder handed out, I thought they scrapped it. From what I can see teams intentionally violate the 5 yard space on almost every punt these days instead of letting a returner get a chance at a good return. Maybe enforcement is the problem.

Actually I think that most penalties are given because the ball bounced and the kicking team could not get back in time. As for catching it on the fly I think that the teams have had it drilled into their heads to leave a 5 yard buffer, that plus the fact that there are a lot of punts being kicked out of bound is cutting down on the intentional no yards call

Well, I don't know excepty how I like to chage it, but I still think it needs a little twies here and there.

I was thinking today that maybe the peneilty should just appaly to a kick that hits the ground and not when the guy has a clear shot at catching it.

Then it would be open season on punt returners.
I returner would never catch the ball. IN the NFL they have the fair catch so he doesn't get killed. the cfl has no -yards. You cant allow the kicking team to have a free shot at the returner

There seems to be less No yards penities now, which is good since it provies that the rule works.

I still feel that if the punt is catchble, but the recevier doesn't catch the ball, then there shouldn't be a penilty and the defence should be able to thoch the ball and spot it (like in the NFL). If he catches the ball but the defence breacks the 5 yard zone, penilty. Maybe even a 5 yard penilty on the punter for intensionaly kicking the ball Out-Of-Bounds.

With that said, the No yards is still much better than the stupid, pussy Fair Catch and Touchback.

If it ain't broke don't fix it...

Secondly, any adaptation to anything resembling the NFL is not a good way to go... why??? just because!

But I will say this, the NCAA use to have a 2 yard "halo" rule similar to our 5 yard rule, and they recently scrapped it...they have simplified it to the point where you simply have to give the receiver the opportunity to catch the ball uninterupted...interesting...(but I still think our rule is not broken)

...if you do want to look at a new punting rule, how about a penalty for the constant punting out of bounds. We have awesome punt returners in our league but we are being denied one of the most exciting plays - a punt return for a TD!

I think there one point thing your all missing. On any decent punt there not a thought of no-yards because no defenders are anywhere near it. Bad punting is the cause of most no-yard calls. Its a good rule, don’t change it.