No Yards question

Forgive me if this has been discussed in another thread, but here is my question:

Why was a "No Yards" penalty called against the Cats on the blocked field goal. If the field goal was "blocked", by definition it was touched by the Stamps... shouldn't it have been a free ball?? Am I missing something?

Andrea Proux was the head official, he tends to make up his own calls that are not in the rule book :wink:

Same as a partially blocked punt. If the ball travels over the line of scrimage it cant be live or it would result in the kicking team being able to recover for a first down. If the ball does not cross its then lose, once a kicked ball crosses the line no yards applies regardless if its tipped.

And from the CFL Rule Book:

[b][u]RULE 5 - KICKING[/u] SECTION 3 – BLOCKED KICK Article 1 – Definition[/b] It is a deflected kick not a blocked kick if, on a kick from scrimmage, the ball is touched by or touches an opponent or a player of the kicking team who is offside and then crosses the line of scrimmage. Such touching of the ball shall be disregarded, and the Kicking team players must allow 5 yards to an opponent attempting to gain possession.

Thanks guys.... you're never too old to learn things!

Its kind of difficult to give five yards when the ball didn't travel five yards from the line of scrimmage.

Maybe the CFL needs to review this rule as it pertains to tipped balls off a field goal attempt that don't travel more than say 10 yards. There would be no penalty, just change of possession even if recovered by the kicking team but for the kicker.

Yup. Of course the solution to that is don’t let the kick get blocked, oops, deflected. :wink:

You are absolutely correct.