No Yards Penalty modification

I read the question to ask the ref and it got me thinking…(Could be dangerous)

Would it be a good rule change to make No Yards an add-on penalty just like Un Rfg and Unsportsman like penalties? Would that mean bigger returns? Or would it mean more kicks out of bounds…Pro’s…Cons…???

The more I read the question, the more I liked it.

I think it would create more out of bounds punts. I like it as it is now. If you get a 85 yard run back then the no-yards didnt come in to play. Also, what happens if you score a TD? Add 15 yards to the kick off?
Right now its like holding penalty. Good play forget it, bad play take the penalty.

so, if the guy makes a great return and stops 5 yards before TD-line, should we award him a TD? :wink:

I hate the NO-yards penalty but I believe that the NFL way is worse.

If it were to be concidered a major it would be half the distance.
what do you suggest as a replacement for no yards

That was my fear, more punts out of bounds....

See I told you it was dangerous when I'm thinking!

I totally agree with Ro!


Unless your the Kicker, you can't touch the receiver until he has the ball. If you break his zone when he has a clear chance to get a yard or two, you get penalized 15 yards, if the recever scrums up and has no chance to return the ball or can only return for one yard, the pen is 5 yards. Keep in mind that the Kicker can get the ball back for a frist or a TD.

If you think that it's bad, it's allot better than this:

Elimination of the bump-and-run. The WFL made it a point to open up the passing game and in an effort to do this, the league made it a point to eliminate a widely-popular tactic against the pass. The defensive backs were not allowed to touch a receiver within three yards of the line of scrimmage. This way, if a team had a speedy, sure-handed receiver, he now had the opportunity to smoke any DB at will.

I see the No Yards as a better descentdent of this rule.

I like the no yards rule but only when the returner is attempting to catch the ball in the air, they should do away with it completly if the returner chooses to let the ball bounce..........what I really dont like about the rule is when the returner fumbles it when he is trying to catch it and the cover team recovers it only to have it wiped out by the no yards penalty, that is just plain ridiculous.......

Yeah, PE, but don't forget that the Kicker can get to it.

But Pigseye, if fumbles weren't called back due to no yards infractions, all you'd have to do is send five guys to knock the returner off the ball as he's trying to pick it up. Of course he'll fumble and someone on your team will likely recover.

I like that they're calling "no yards, interference" now that extends a 5-yard penalty into a 15-yard one if the player on the kicking team not only encroaches on the 5-yard area, but also interferes with the returner in his attempt to pick up the ball.