No Yards Penalties

The refs blew 2 calls in my estimation , but that`s par for the course in Hamilton .

Setta is awesome and the coach will get the no yards problem fixeed i`m sure . Dont change a thing Mr Setta !!!!

Zeke Moreno reminds me of Ben Zambiasi sp ? . He`s all over the field on first and second down and then the first man downfield on special teams . He must of ran 5 miles during the game last night . You have to love that man !!!!

My question is " What are the other players who ONLY play special teams doing when a guy who must be dog tired , is beating you down field ? "

Here's the no yards rule directly from the rulebook.

Note that a no yards call on any punt caught in the air is 15 yards. The rules about trying to get out of the way or intentionally infringing on the 5 yard zone only apply on a bouncing ball.

Article 1 – Restriction On Offside Player (No Yards)

(This article does not apply to a “dribbled ball?.)
When on a kick from scrimmage (ball crosses the line of scrimmage), or on an open-field kick, a player who is offside in relation to the kicker:

(a) if the player first touches, or is touched by, the ball:
PENALTY - in field of play - L 15 from PBT (point ball touched)

  • in goal area - L 15, penalty applied at 10-yard line

(b) if the player does not allow five (5) yards to an opponent attempting to gain possession of the kicked ball. The 5-yard zone is determined by a circle with a 5-yard radius; with the centre point being the ball at the instant it is first touched.
PENALTY - in field of play - L 15 from PBT

  • in goal area - L 15, penalty applied at 10-yard line

(c) if the player does not allow five (5) yards and the ball struck the ground before being touched by the receiving team:
PENALTY - in field of play - L 5 from PBT

  • in goal area - L 5, penalty applied at 10-yard line

(d) if a kicking team player is making no attempt to withdraw from the 5-yard zone, and is hovering over the ball or the receiving team player about
to take possession of the ball
, a 15-yard penalty will apply regardless whether the ball bounced.

(e) if a kicking team player interferes with a receiving team player attempting to gain possession of the kicked ball, with or without contact:
PENALTY - L 15 from normal point of application

(f) if a kicking team player invades the 5-yard zone, and contacts in an unnecessarily rough manner a receiving team player who is attempting to play the ball, the kicking team player will be subject to an additional 15 or 25-yard penalty, regardless of whether the ball had struck the ground.

This was what I originally thought too, but from re-watching it just now, Walker actually caught the ball on the 8, and advanced to the 13. Then the refs applied the penalty as though he had caught it at the 6, and placed it at the 21 yard line.
So they missed it by 2 yards.

Thanks JerkFaceLoser (am I allowed to call you that on this forum?) - You are so right!

Sitting in the stands with three different opinons around me on the new NO YARDS rules is part of the fun of being in the stand. I thought I knew but...there is always subsection (d) to consider.....

When I got home I looked it up in the 2007 rule pdf file on Right click on the cover photo and 'save as' a file if you want to break the tie in the opinions in the stands.

The fan to my right thought it only matters whether the receiver catches the punt in the air, another fan thought that the cover team always could back away and avoid the penalty.... and one of us thought that the rule was a mixture of the two. I wonder if Matt Dunnigan would have got this one right at his referee classes.

In any case 6 fifteen yard penalties takes some doing doesn't it.

I really thought we might see Adriano ejected from IWS (again) when his foot happened to contact the ref after the play. The ref sure threw the flag fast and hard when he felt the cleats!

While I hate taking a no-yards penalty, I also hate Levingson(sp?) burning us for a TD return. Sometimes taking a no-yards penalty is a good thing...

If the offence could of got going it owuld have been worth it. The only times we took the no yards were when we were going towards the west endzone when the punts hung up. The 1st quarter the coverage was awesome. Setta is the best punter we have had in ages.