No Yards Penalties

Can anyone explain to me why the Cat's were receiving 15 yard penalties for no yards vs the Argos who were getting 5 yards for the same infractions - most notable when Setta was kicking into the wind

found it in the new rules - you have to allow the punt returner a chance to return the ball - you cannot surround the returner inside the no-yards zone so that he has no chance of a return thus getting only a 5 yd penalty - that instance has been changed to a 15 yd penalty

If the ball bounces before the returner picks it up a 5 yard (Argo Penalty) penalty is given. When the returner catches the ball on the fly (Ticat Penaties) a 15 yarder is given.

I wonder if the Cats special teams was aware of that looked to me like they were going after the returner like the old rules were in effect.

The first players downfield need to be reminded
to watch for signs that the ball is hanging up
when their kicker is kicking into a strong wind.

If the punt returner moves up
very quickly to catch the ball

they need to break their stride
and look up over their heads
or peak back toward the ball.


Because of the use of the 'fair catch'
these reactions aren't internalized
into the new American player's minds.

Can anyone explain the no-yards penalty given to us when clearly our players were 5 yards away? It was in the 3rd or 4th quarter I believe.

Setta needs to work on getting a bit more distance into his kicks instead of just hang time. Especially into a breeze.

His kicks hung up there so long that the coverage men were downfield too early and speaking from experience its pretty hard to run hard downfield and then look back and up for the ball with a helmet on while simultaneously watching the returner. He's got a good leg but he needs to lower his trajectory a bit.

I agree with ronfromtigertown;coverage team needs to be more aware of the ball flight on punts. What I don't understand is that on the Argos no yards penalty our punt returner caught the ball on the fly and we only get a 5 y gain compared to the 15 y on our penalties when the Argo returners caught the ball. Did I miss something or was it a blown call?

Blown call.

There was a situation in the 4th quarter where we gained 15 yards due to a no yards penalty. The ball was caught around the 8 and we got the ball on the 23. One thing Jo Jo needs to improve on is catching the ball in the air. He let's the ball bounce too often and that just creates problems. The Argos caught almost every ball in the air. Mind you, with Setta punting it actully makes it an easier ball to catch in the air because it goes so high. Funny how that kind works against us. As said above, the coverage team needs to watch for the returner. If he moves up then stop and stay 5 yards back, that simple, no need to look back for the ball.

Setta needs to learn the intricacies of the Candian game. Punting high into the wind is ok in American rules, it ends in a fair catch and no return. In Canada it almost always draws a no yards penalty.

This is something we'll sort out as the season moves on. Our punting and punt coverage will win us a game or two this year.

On one of the yards penalties agains the blue team, the ref marched off fifteen yards from the six yard line, when the ball had actually been caught up around the 13. A lot of people thought they had given only a five yard penalty when in fact they gave fifteen yards, and got the placement wrong.

We watched the same thing. The ref obviuosly can not count. Two other issues, Belli (BFG) kicking a ref and Robertson # 65 knocking down a player after the play was over. Hay ref … 13 & 15 = 28 dahhhhhhh
Hay ref repeat after me - diqualification
Hay ref repeat after me - dead ball foul ???

I agree "Breeze"......perhaps Setta can work on drilling some low punts downfield so the ball actually gets a bit ahead of the coverage....he seems to have the leg strength so if he can master that he'll be very effective.......his punts with the wind are awesome!

I picture the returners looking skyward for the ball and it blasts them on a rope in the chops....hahaha :cowboy:

That's the old rule. The new rule is, if the defender is making an effort to get out of the 5 yard zone it's a 5 yard penalty. If no effort is made it's a 15 yarder.

Most penalties are MENTAL mistakes, especially on special teams & defensive backs. The problems are either lack of individual intelligence or poor coaching. Coaches sometimes use the excuse that they are just being overly aggressive & its OK if they are. Sometimes, coaches release a good, intelligent player & keep one that is probably a little better physically, however, lacks the intelligence needed to make the right decisions or plays. Having said this, could this be a problem with our special teams & defensive backfield this year. I know its early in the season to pass judgement, however, too many mental mistakes in 1st 2 games causes some concern.
Your comments, please.

Let the guy run the punt back for a touchdown then no penalty will be taken. Its time the CFL put in the fair catch. At least we would see some players getting drilled after catching the ball instead of seeing “flag” football.

Why not just run back to the end zone and give them a safety touch instead of punting. Seems like this is the number one scoring play in the CFL, What a joke, what a bore.

The rule is very clear, refer to

"15 yards in advance of the point where the ball was first touched, OR 5 yards in advance of that point if the kicked ball had struck the ground before being touched by the receiving team"

The only factor which determines whether the penalty is 5 or 15 yards is whether or not the ball touches the ground before it is touched by the returner. Whether the punt coverage team is trying to back away, or which way the ball bounces etc. does enter into it.

I agree, some refs don't seem to know the rules, there is more confusion over this rule than any other

Finally a thread about NYds- (im just tuning in)- If there ever was a rule abused by the officials this is it!!! The Purpose of the rule is to prevent decapitations of kick returners on kick returns, Not a chance for Insignificant Officials to wave their flags.Please Call the game by the intent of the rules, If the cover team has stopped persute and is flat footed there should be no penaltyu at all. Save the CFL stop calling no Yards :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Regarding setta,he will have lots of problems against the wind for two reasons :the height of his kicks but more importantly the fact that he doesn't really kick spirals and the ball flutters badly.

Sorry but you are referring to the 2006 rule. The 2007 rule is as I stated above.