No yards or fair catch?


lol. ok

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Thats what it is least for the linemen

Article 9 – Illegally Downfield on Kick
When Team A punts the ball a player who is one of the interior block of five
ineligible line players may not advance beyond the Scrimmage Zone (1 yard in
advance of the Line of Scrimmage) until the ball is kicked.

But I do like the no OOB punts

The rule you quote is for the interior block of five ineligible line players. I think the other players are allowed to run downfield as soon as the ball is snapped. That would change with the XFL rule.

Further, the return team is not allowed to cross the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked. I'm not sure I'm a fan of that aspect. I like that punts can be blocked if a return-team player can get through the line. I'd like to see this part of the XFL rule left out.

I agree that no OOB punts is a good addition to the rules. I also like how they don't put extra punishment on a shanked punt. I'd like to see the rule be something like: a punt that sails out of bounds results in a re-kick 15 yards back or the return team can scrimmage from where the ball sailed out.

I cant see that....That would make blocking the kick impossible
Kicking team yes, but not the return team

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No Yards for sure.

But I would suggest the refs be more lenient with throwing the flag for phantom holding calls. They're not phantom, they're just a bit too strict.


i agree. same with all holding calls really.

also PI calls. i hate when they call borderline pass interference when they’re obviously just fighting for the ball


I actually like the way they interpret PI in the NFL... give the defenders an equal right to contest the catch and let them fight for the ball. After all, when its in the air its "free".

Good receivers still make catches. Let 'em play.

I'd also like to see the illegal contact threshold moved from 5 yds to 10 yds


certainly prefer the No yard to Fair catch, but I am not fond of 15 yards no matter what.

Even worse is when some of these DPI calls end up with yet another QB dive for a TD and you realize that the scoring team had no success on offense yet comes away with a TD. Something's gotta change with that. Different thread I know....

omg yes.

heh, i was just about to make a PI thread before i read this too.

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watching the niners vs broncos now. goddammit i hate fair catch, touch backs.

but did anyone see the crazy touchback play the niners made in the broncos end zone earlier in tonight’s game?

as much as i hate the rule, it was perfectly executed.

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Exciting play indeed....not even close to a 99 yard td return though.

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Et les gens se plaindraient s'ils laissaient tomber