"No Yards" now 15 Yards!

A good move on the CFL, some guys were getting hammered, hopefully the 15 yard penalty will force the head hunters to respect the rules.

What do you think?


I think now the rule is if there is no attempt to get out of the 5 yard zone, it is an automatic 15 yarder whereas before it was only 5 yards if you were in the 5 yard zone and did nothing, 15 if you were going straight for the returner. Now even if you stop but aren't attempting to retreat, 15 yards. Is this the correct interpretation of the new rule? I like this if this is the case, should be easier to call and more guys should now make more sure they aren't in the 5 yards halo zone.
Basically, if you are in the 5 yard zone and are not retreating, automatic 15 yards. Stopping doesn't count.

I like it. The returners in the CFL were (are) getting so good now that the special teams players were routinely invading the five yard zone and taking the five yard penalty, just to negate the return. This new 15 yard rule will encourage special teamers to give returners that 5 yard zone and let them show their stuff.

You got it .... those 'intentional no-yards' were a coaching cop out .... and are now penalized 15 yards

Good move, George Black et al

Sort of like in hockey where the goalie used to be able to flick the puck over the boards if the opposing team was putting too much pressure on. Now if the goalie does this, it's a penalty.

I agree as well but 1 thing I am not clear on. If he attempts to give the 5 yards it is a 5 yard penalty?

If he attempts by just stopping in the 5 yard zone, it is a 15 yarder. My understanding is he actually has to be moving backwards, retreating, then just a 5 yarder, even if he is say 1 yard from the returner or at the 4 yard mark or anywhere inside of what the ref says is the 5 yard mark. Where the problem might come in is in the interpretation of retreating ie. if he is moving sideways, is this retreating? But he can't be just standing still, motionless, waiting for the returner to make a move.

Moving away from the ball, be it sideways, backwards, is retreating. As long as he is attempting to get out of that 5 yard zone.

Thanks roughy for this clarification.

Just thought of something. What if the tackler is sort of bouncing up on his feet but going nowhere ie. actually not retreating but is moving just up and down. My guess is this is a 15 yarder - yes, no?

That is probably best answered in the 'ask the ref' section.

I like the rule but wait till the the complaints start. Hey he was retreating!
He should have only gotten a 5 yarder on that play :lol:

They are going to have to feel this out like hockey has done with the hooking and grabbing. Have to admit in hockey, in most cases the refs are calling penalties even if the stick is just slightly on the guy, I thought in the playoffs they would be more lenient with this.
The no yards should be easier I think than the hockey thing though, it will be apparent what the refs call retreating I think in most cases. I believe you will actually have to be moving backwards sideways otherwise a 15 yarder. Of course, there is still room as before as to the 5 yards zone, that can be difficult at times. But overall I like this even though I will admit the NFL fair catch and 1 yard halo is easier to call, less room for judgement I think. But also a lot less excitement with returns on average.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=8326]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... y&nid=8326[/url]

IMO, they finally have No Yards right. if you go for the returner and break the 5 yard zone, you are going to a penalty of some form, which will encourage off side players to pace themselves.

The same I believe is true if the receiver doesn’t catch the ball right away.

I can still see a few rough situations, the a bad kick that goes pass the Line of S, but close enough to off side players, but if they withdraw, the penalty will not be so bad, and it is the kickers fail for the bad kick and/or not putting a player on side to recover the ball.

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Like Earl Said, This Rule Is Great And Will Really Put A Lot More Pressure On The Kicking Team To Have A Disapiln Defence. Guys Like Livingston And Landry Are Going To Be Great To Watch However I Fear That Now Coaches Are Going To Have Their Punters Kicking Out Of Bounds A Lot More Often Now.