No word on attendance anyhwere.

I've looked in every single newspaper article. And judging by the endzones. I'm guessin' it must've been 29,000 like someone was sayin there. Altho the sidelines looked pretty full. Anybody at the game hear the attendance figures?

i was there it was just over 30,000
i think 30,128

Yeah it was just over 30k. Montreal has never been a good draw for some reason. Lets hope they hit 40k later on this season.

Yeah I was at the BC game, it was over 30,000

Yes Montereal was an excellent crowed in 2006 almost 37,000 and in 2005 just over 36,000, it is more because it is the east this year is not that competitive and alot of fans are waiting to go up against western teams.

It was in todays Province, page A60, 2nd paragraph. Attendance was 30,132 for Friday's game.

I think it was also in previous years we would play Montreal later on the season when ppl start coming out.

that is true we did play montreal after laber day on those 2 ocassions

What, no attendance thread for next month's game yet? :roll: :roll: Wheres the hype? :roll: :roll:

I'm just dying to know where we're at. :roll: :roll: