No word on a sellout?

Did I miss it? Is this game not sold out yet? I would have thought worse case scenario it would have been sold out by mid-week? ( I thought it would have been sold out months ago). I didn't see any announcement but I certainly stand to be corrected.

Heard via Drew Edwards @ The Spec as well as on CHML that the game "is close" to a sell-out.

I would imagine by the time Saturday sales and walk-ups on Sunday ... It'll be sold-out.

Looking forward to a full house and a good game!

Great news!

8) They said in the Spec this morning that lots of tickets were still available.

Yep , on ticketmaster all kinds of tickets , doubt there will be much of a walk-up if any in Guelph, there was basically none that I saw for the pre-season game . Too bad really .

I looked through ticketmaster fri night and the was about 1000 tickets available but unfortunatly the was about 800 of them for the most expensive seats at 106 dollars a ticket so i doubt it would be sold out on a walk up . I never realized the price of the 50 yard line at $106 when at rogers center the same ticket was $80

The suprising part is there are lots of $35 tickets available , in fact there are tickets in all price categories that leads me to believe that Hamiltonians (or Guelphites in big numbers) are not attending period....the hard core fans will go but not the fence sitters or soft core ........I would love to know the breakdown of out of towners who attend games in Guelph and or Hamilton ......I bet it is alot the bottom line here is, if folks who live in Hamilton won't attend games on mass when they were at Ivor Wynne , they (the soft core ) certainly won't go to Guelph and I think we are seeing this starting to-morrow. Last year on a beautiful sat . sept day against the esk's the attendance was 24,162 or some 5000 empty can bet there were some compimentary tickets included in the attendance number and of corurse , the team sucked.
Now one caviate to-morrow is, Edmonton is not a good draw and it is the summer and a Sunday evening game game is next Sat night , but once again against a poor drawing opponent (Winnipeg) , but the Sat night game may be better then Sunday evening in the summer.

Hey Mr Pike where are the $35 tickets available as when you walk up to the stadium you don't get discounted tickets you pay full face value and the most tickets available are in the higher price ranges and roughly about 350 in the $42 dollar range if you looked on ticketmaster. so do not mislead anybody about this they should purchase their tickets in advance to receive maybe a $35 dollar ticket or any discount available

Oh for heavens sake, I am not trying to mislead anyone , you are splitting hairs here..... what I was pointing out was that lots of tickets are available in all ticket categories regardless of price......and why pay ticketmaster service charges if you can call the ti-cats and get them delivered to "will call" window I wrong in my thinking ?.......... if so I appologize.

What's a sellout, 14,000? How many season ticket holders renewed? If there are still over 1,000 tickets available, that's not good sign.

I will be there, (section 111) "Treble One Boys"

Looking forward to the Guelph experience. Already scouted out a free parking spot.

Go Cats! None of this "0-2" stuff!

I don't think the fact that Edmonton is playing is the a much a factor as the timing. 5:00pm on a Sunday? It should be either a Friday or Saturday 7:00pm game or Saturday or Sunday 1:00 game. 5:00 is just awkward. It's during dinner time for a lot of people who would rather not have hot dogs as their Sunday family meal...

8) The Cats scheduled all their home games for either Sat. or Sundays, or a holiday, to avoid the traffic problems on
  Hwy. 6 during week day working days !!

    As far as saying people would rather stay at home for their Sunday dinner, that just proves that some people will use any 
     excuse to not buy a ticket to  attend a TiCat game  !!!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

      This is the only Sunday home game on the schedule, for heavens sake.

Past ticat practice is to give away lots of FREE BE tickets for PRE season to make it look full! I being a Tier 2 , the sales staff won't give up on me to get me Back for this year E mails , voice mails What can we do to BRING YOU BACK ! this year :roll:

I was wondering my self why the game was on sunday so early in the season, and if it has to be a sunday...I wondered why it had to be for 5pm and not the more regular 1pm sunday start time...I wondered right up until I looked at TSN's broadcast schedule.

Saturday...from 9am - 3pm is the womens Wimbledon championship and starting at 6:30 is Nascar coverage. Then today, from 9am to 3pm they had the mens wimbledon championship.

So im assuming TSN pretty much dictated the start time for this one.

Oh well, only one of the season...go cats go!

Never mind the excuses why the game has not sold out yet, why isn't this game on prime time Sunday night?

8) Ted Micheals just said that the official attendance was 12,600.

Glad I am staying home after being a season seat holder for years same as last year same crap I am happy I kept my money in my bank account as I am a senior citizen and am not happy with the Ticats play and policy for renewal and new stadium :cry:

Agenda alert.

I commend the Cats game-day staff for being very polite and friendly. My major complaint re the stadium is the sound system for the east bleachers: not loud enough.

I know it was (very) wet, but I didnt get a "home" game feel about this stadium. It's like staying with a distant relative while your house is being renovated, even though you brought all your stuff with you.