No wonder nobody goes to Renegades games

Well, this year I've sort of adopted the Renegades as my almost-favourite team. They've always been my second-favourite team, but I feel like I've had more invested in them this year, since they actually have a legitimate playoff shot ...

But honestly, after watching the game tonight against Winnipeg, I can seriously say that watching the Renegades this year is almost as frustrating as watching the Stamps last year. That's really the only word for it - frustrating. Watching the Stamps last year was infuriating, since they couldn't seem to do anything right, especially consistently. I was screaming at the TV watching Ottawa play, because they couldn't do anything right in the second half. At least watching the Stamps last year, you knew there was no chance of them making the playoffs, so it didn't feel like anything was on the line. Yet Ottawa has this glorious chance, and is simply slamming the door on themselves. Argh! I'd still be going to all the games - and I went to all the Stamps games last year - if I lived in Ottawa, but I can see how a less passionate fan wouldn't be up for it ...

The Renegades really need an O-line, and a defence. They've got a couple of great defensive players, but those 3 or 4 guys can't do it all ...

btw, I'm not advocating boycotting Gades games ... there need to be more people going to those! So please, keep attending them if you already do ... I'm just saying, I can see how it's frustrating to watch them ...

I went to the game, I'm an avid fan and if you cut me open with a chain saw I would bleed my City's colours, but frankly right now, and I can't believe I'm saying this, I couldn't care less if they folded. I am so P.O'd. I am ashamed.
We are being toyed with. Enough is enough. We have hit rock bottom, and no one is doing anything about it.
We don't deserve to make the playoffs, and right now they don't deserve our support.
I hope I will be sorry for making the above statements, but right now I feel like smashing this computer.

Go You Sorry Bunch of Heartless Renegades Go. And I mean that literally.

what ever happened to "in good times and bad times, 'til death do you part..."

Well , they didn't have much support when they were winning.
It is really sad. :cry:

It is okay to be mad, frustrated and ashamed, but don't ever quit your team. Cheering for your team through thick and thin is what defines your community. Look at the Boston Red Sox or Saskatchewan Roughriders. Any town can support a winner, but It takes true committment to support a team that has not had that good fortune. Those fans support their team because, in some odd way, they simply know they are just supposed to. That team is family and you always support your family.

From one win starved fan to another