No wonder he's the Great One

I know this is old news, and at the risk of sounding sappy ... wow, Gretz continues to impress. Leaving his team to be with his sick Mom ... Way to go Gretz, you made the right call, as always; you never cease to be a role model! I'm pulling for your Mom, Phyllis, and I'm sure everyone else here is, too!

Gretzkys parents live close to me...this will be front page of the local newspaper.

No comment on that, I hate that guy.

It's great to see that the greatest player to ever play the game of hockey has his priorities straight. Gretz is a class-act and a great role model for this country. Hockey and football are just games, family should always come first.

Just a question from an american. How does Canada look upon Mario Lemieux?

not as highly as the great one.

I can't speak for all Canadians but from my perspective he is a great, great player (top5 of all-time at least) who loves the game of hockey and has a ton of heart. He came back from cancer and won a stanley cup and in some of his greatest games he had to have the trainers tie his skates for him because he couldn't bend over because his back was so bad. He is past his prime now and should retire but I think he loves the game too much and wants to see it succeed in Pittsburgh. I also believe he likes playing with Crosby.

he never came back from cancer to win a cup!...he won both his back-to-back cups BEFORE he got cancer.

and hes not playing now cuz of love of the game..hes playin cuz hes part owner of the pegs and knows he sells more tickets if hes on the roster.

and when his team isnt winning, he fires the coach, rather than admiting its cuz of his lack of interest in playing.

Mario was the greatest player in NHL history. # 1. Only serious injuries kept him from having all league scoring records. But if you're talking talent, both playmaking and scoring ability, he was the greatest.

thats pure speculation...we'll NEVER KNOW that injuries kept him from points record, owned by Gretz....thast YOUR OPINION.

record shows, Gretzky had more championships and the all time record and played in more cup finals.

As an American, Wayne Gretzky is the greatesy hockey player that ever lived, and he is a class act and always has been. His priorities are always in the right place, and for him to take a leave of absence from the Phoenix Coyotes to be with his mom when she has cancer, is truly a selfless act and one that must be commended. One can only hope that his mom beats this evil disease and get well again very soon.
Mario Lemieux to me is one of the top two or three players of all-time in the history of the NHL, and he's accomplished some amazing things in the game of hockey that Wayne Gretzky hasn't, mainly because Wayne hasn't faced the same situations that Mario has. Mario has saved the Pittsburgh Penguins franchise from going bankrupt and leaving the city of Pittsburgh twice, and if you think that isn't pressure on your shoulders, you better think about it again. Second, and to me one of the most amazing feats in any sport would be the year he won the ScoringTtitle in the NHL, when he was out of the lineup for two months with Hodgkins Disease. He was leading the league in scoring when he left the lineup, and when he returned he was in second place to Pat LaFontaine, and then proceeded to win the scoring title. Absolutely amazing!!!!!!
I think both of these true Canadian treasures have great admiration and immense mutual respect for each other, and if each of them thinks they are the greatest player ever, so be it and that's fine with me. In fact thinking you are the best or can be the best is probably one trait that drove each of them to produce all the records they did, and the amazing plays, spectacular goals, and great hockey we've all had the good fortune to witness over the years. We are the lucky ones for have seen Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux produce magic with a hockey stick in their hands and a hockey puck at the end of the tape.

One of the things that made Gretzky so great was how good he made other players around him. Did you know that there have been only 5 players to score 150 or more points in a single season. Gretzky, Lemieux, Espisito, Yzerman, and … Bernie Nicholls. Of course Nicholls did it when he played with Gretz. He had 70 goals and 80 assists for 150 points (in 79 games). the season before, when Gretz was still in Edmonton, he had 32 goals and 46 assists for 78 points (in 65 games). That’s 0.7 points/game more playing with the greatest of all-time.

funny....Gretz's mom is ill and his wife is getting her nails done tomorrow....
she must not take it too seriously. maybe she shoulda stayed in cali or phoenex or wherever.

Yzermen retried last year, right?


he still playing? he wasn't playing agaist Atlanta a week ago.

I wasn't aware that missing a hockey game meant you retired.....

he is usually the starter though, and I heard about that he was thinking about call a quits in the wake of the lockout.

instead of making dumb assumtions you could have easily googled it. or easily went to the nhl website, or went to the redwings website. All would clearly show that he has not retired. The only thing he did was step down from team Canada, so Gretz didn't have to cut him.

Nah, he's still playing, but I'm not surprised to hear he's taking it easy. He also passed on the Olympic squad ... but he's still playing.

I think Lemieux might have been better than Gretz in terms of pure talent, but in terms of ambassadors to the sport and Canada ... Gretz is the greatest ever, no doubt. And, he does still own a billion NHL records ... the guy would own the most-points-in-a-career record if he'd never scored a goal in the NHL!