No we don't want......

Paul Macallum. What is Wally's deal? Why would he want him? Can someome please help me understand this one. I am very confused :?
Find a good Canadian kid or bring in an import....PLEASE!!!!

..........easier said than done........why do you think you guys had to rely on a kicker last year that is closer in age to receiving his CPP cheque than he is to legally drink?.......and wally is not going to waste an import position on a kicker.......

Why not? Macciocia did and he's in the running for coach of the year j/k

If there was a side of a barn, and both o'many and maculum were to kick at, who could hit it first. Keep in mind that you have to be at least 20 yards away, and you only get 10 kicks. Could either of them make the kick?

.....depends on if Glenn would snap the ball 5 yards over McCallum's head or not.....

hahahahaha. That was a good one :lol: :smiley:

...bring in Diesbourg...the guy with the million dollar(incremental) leg....he'll show these guys how to hit it right....maybe Wally should be beating the bushes for this guy....I believe the Bombers have given up his rights... :lol: :roll:

wallys an egomaniac....just because the kid had a tough year, he tosses him to the side of the road like a sack of wonder printers and simpson couldnt wait to get out from under his thumb.

In the world of business, if you don't perform, why should they keep you around?
In BC, even if you work at Mcdonalds, you have a 3 month probation period, in that if you screw up to much, they can fire you regardless of the situation. Wally gave O'missy more than one chance to prove himself, and he didn't. He nailed a few clutch kicks, but lost a lot of games as well.

Printers is a winer, and Simpson wanted more playing time. Wally was fine with losing Simpson, and I am sure the only reason he was Pi****ed at losing Printers is because he lost his trade advantage.
If you go to college and you constantly get failing grades, will they let you stay in your course? If they don't, does that make your teachers, or the head of the college an egomainac?
So anyway, we need a kicker

Some Kickers can't kick under preasure. At least with McCallam, 11 games are under "Climate Control"...LOL Oh, Playoffs...Make that 12 games!

......he seemed a little shakey ..inside the 25.....however the Lions know how to deal with that O'Mahoney seemed to have the same problem...over all I think Paul is the better place kicker...and punter...whatever happened to the Wendys Wonder guy....I wonder if he'll show up at someones training camp... :shock:

It's sort of odd that Wally would be going for a kicker who completely lost a playoff game for his team. And keep in mind that the team they were playing was B.C...

Did you see O'Missy kick last yr??? Believe it or not but
Macallums an upgrade, and that aint saying much.

I know McCallum is an upgrade but I don't see why the lions wouldn't want to go for some younger talent by picking up a rookie kicker. Rookies De'angelis w/calgary, and duval with the als last year were rookies and among the best in the league.

Who's to say they wont. Nothing wrong with some competition.

lol.. Didn't Edmonton or someone offer him a tryout?.. I think one team did lol..

I understand that if you are not performing in your job, you're going to lose it. However, in regards to the Buono is an egomaniac assertion, I don't know. I do get the feeling that Buono runs the show like an army general, and I can't help but think he handled the Printers situation the wrong way.