No Way Hamilton Can Handle The Crowd Noise

The crowd wasn't as loud as I was expecting for the WSF, but there's a huge difference between playing in a divisional semi and playing for a championship. From what I'm hearing, people are going to be bringing in a lot more than just gloves and mittens to make noise. Doesn't matter how cold it is - - you're going to see "bat sh*t crazy" on Sunday.

Silent count won't be the issue - - the problem is going to be having everyone hear the play call in the huddle.

If I'm the Riders and win the coin toss, I'd take the wind in the 1stQ and let the defence get on the field first to get the crowd amped right away. Defence feeds off the crowd and then the crowd feeds of the defence and gets even louder. A two-and-out for Hamilton and punting into the wind means the Rider offence would be in business on the Hamilton side of half.

Was their smallest crowd of the year, including preseason.

I hate you making me say something nice about the Argos but I believe went 5-3 against west this year not bad for a pathetic east team.
And his point still stands. These were reasons why the Cats won't win. But did.

Mother Nature is a Ti-Cat fan.....

Nuff said...

It's funny u say that you are a nice guy. When I read your previous comment I was thinking Earl doesn't usually talk like that!

The two sweetest words in the English language.

Hammer, is he saying it was dee fault of dee Argos dat dee Ti-Cats got into dee Grey Cup? Are you saying the two sweetest words are: "dee" and "fault"?. Just askin. :thup:

Hamilton , did quite well in the very LOUD , ROGERS CENTRE. :wink:

The ARGO fans can be very loud.