No Way Hamilton Can Handle The Crowd Noise

Hamilton should try and keep the game close as long as possible. This is a safety issue. Rider fans are know to throw full beer cans at visiting players.

Burris adjusted in the EF and the crowd noise with the closed roof was not a problem.
The Ticat defence stepped up and shut down the Number 1 QB in the CFL, they won't have a problem shutting down the Number 5 QB in the CFL.

And if the warm front doesn't push through then the locals will quickly realize that frozen hunk of fruit on their heads is what's hurting, not the two-four they've already swallowed that day....

I'm sure the Ti cat imports have played in college or NFL stadiums that make mosaic look and sound like Rogers center on a Tuesday night. Henry ....walked in to Montreal in 2008 and won a GC and stunned the Als and their fans !

"The Ticats can't handle the Alouette defence"...Cats win.
"The Ticats can't handle Ricky Ray"...Cats win.
"The Ticats can't handle the noise at Mosaic"...well, we'll have to wait and see.

The danger for the Roughriders is going in believing that the team they're playing on Sunday is the same team they beat in Week 5. The Cats have a vastly improved defence and an offence that is rolling right along, so don't count them out of this.

Fans may affect the game, much like the weather; but players and coaches win them.

(I just realized that this is my 3000th post. :rockin: )

I have to agree that the Cats have a lot of momentum right now, but they are going to need to have a big 1st quarter. Solid chance the Riders come in over-amped, and the Cats will need to pounce.

As far as practicing with noise, they can pump all the noise they want into the practice is going to be tough to duplicate the conditions. In the Rider playoff home game in 2007 the the decibel reading at mid-field coin flip was 107db.

That was 28,800 spectators. I have to think worst case is 35k cheering for green on Sunday.

Can the Cats overcome that...sure, but there is no doubt it will be trying at times.

Anyone who believes that environment Canada can predict on a Monday what the weather will be on the next Sunday has never lived on the prairies. The true forecast will be know on Saturday.

Poor little ticat fans are going to freeze their nads off. Welcome to Canada ticats! Your tails are going to fall off. Let's hope it is -25 or colder, :rockin: :rockin:

THIS post..... Priceless...

and funny as hell!

Are you referring to the legendary football fans in Montreal? You know, the ones that are so passionate about their team that they let it fold?

I've been to the Big Owe for several playoff games - - the gibberish they blast from the PA system is loud, but the fans sure aren't.

You're living in a dream world if you think the atmosphere in Regina for the Grey Cup will be comparable to the atmosphere at the ESF in Toronto. First off, the TiCat fans made up about 40% of the crowd at the ESF. I guarantee you they won't come close to half that on Sunday. Secondly, do you really think Toronto fans are as loud as Rider fans?

Montreal had a good defence but a useless offence.
Toronto had a good offence but an embarrassment for a defence - - Ego Jones complete fail.

The East was pathetic this year. But since they have to qualify one team for the Grey Cup, Hamilton gets in by default.

Yes, in a dome the noise is kept in and echos and 20k can be like 45k. In cold weather and when it's windy the crowd noise will disapate and rise up and not deflected down. Burris won't have a problem with the noise and the "D" which shut down the number 1 QB in the CFL will have no problem shutting down the number 5 QB in the CFL.

I will be very surprised if Burris can keep it to under 3 time counts due to noise. In a game where most are thinking it's a toss up to determine the winner, those 3 penalties could prove pretty costly.

Really? Interesting that the universally acknowledged two loudest stadiums in the NFL - - Quest & Arrowhead - - are NOT domes.

Yep it's 1986 all over again. This is going to be so sweet... :smiley:

Area 51= TROLL

You're repeating yourself now.

Tell me where I'm wrong - - do you think Montreal has a great offensive attack? Do you think the Argos have a shutdown defence?

Check your facts on how Hamilton did against the West this year and let me know if you still consider the TiCats to be even a remote threat on Sunday.

You guys talk like there are no one but Riders fans attending this game


Any word on how many TiCat fans are going? I'm thinking 80% Rider fans, 10% TiCat fans and 10% neutral.

Montreal travels terrible, so I can't imagine too many Als fans there.
Toronto can't get fans to come to games for free, so I don't expect any Argo fans to be there.
Winnipeg and Edmonton are light years away from a Grey Cup, so it would be way too depressing for any of their fans to come.

It's going to be much louder for the Ti-Cats than Rogers Centre ever was, no question. But I think you're over-selling the noise thing a bit, Area 51.The Lions owned the Riders for 3 quarters and had absolutely no trouble in the huddle or the LOS (November crowds aren't quite as loud as July and August - people are too frozen to go bat sh*t crazy. Gloves and mittens also don't generate the same noise as bare hands do clapping).

I realize the West Semi only had 30K not 44K, but there will be a decent amount of out-of-towners in the stands (maybe 9,000 neutrals and Ti-Cat fans?). The hotels were booked montns ago when tickets went on sale. CFL fans knew it would be a big party in Regina.

The Tiger-Cats are more likely to be scewed by the frigid temperatures which they're not used to, than the noise. Nowadays, the guard just looks back at the quarterback. When he kicks his leg, the guard taps the center and he snaps the ball. Voila.