No Way Hamilton Can Handle The Crowd Noise

After seeing what the crowd noise at last year's Grey Cup did to the Stamps, I'll tell you right now that Hamilton isn't going to be able to handle the noise on game day. And that was from the notoriously quiet Toronto fans - - imagine how deafening it's going to be with a stadium full of Rider fans?

Especially with a QB like Smilin Hank who's proven throughout his career that he lacks composure and doesn't handle adversity well. Rider fans screaming at Hank when he's on the field and then Austin screaming at him when he comes off to the sideline.

The TiCats can practice with all the pumped in artificial sound they want this week, but they're not going to be ready for the wall of noise that hits them on Sunday.

A lady was on Rider Radio yesterday was giving fans the recipe for additional noise. She told fans going to the game to take an empty plastic milk jug and fill it with a dozen pennies. Put the lid on the top and shake the s**t out of it......

I hope TSN has a decibel meter to register how loud it will actually get. if it gets loud enough, maybe Hank won't hear Austin yelling at him. :smiley:

You guys kidding me? Hey, Ticat players, coaches, management have had to endure all the bs noise and crap out of some politicians around here and citizens due to the debate on the location of the stadium and the politics from that that come Sunday, any crowd noise from hicktown prairie famer types will be nothing in comparison, piece of cake. :stuck_out_tongue:

So there you go! :twisted:

Sask fans thank you for that wonderful compliment Earl, but being the humble bunch that we are, we will leave the fame to the players and just soak up all the glory instead. But glad you are on top of things and have figured it all out just the same. :lol:

You got me taleback I will admit. But you know me, I'm a very nice and gentle type of guy who never wishes to insult anyone, intentionally, so it must have been the unconscious part of the noggin that wouldn't allow me to spell the word correctly as that surely may have insulted some out there in the wide open prairies. :wink:

Now can I bs with the best of them or what? 8) Ok, maybe Mr. Ford beats me, but barely.

You guys did that in 2010. Making a raucous when Duval lined up to kick and the result was too many Riders going on teams :lol:

They dont make pennies anymore :lol:

Ticats have nothing to lose, going in loose, all the PRESURE is on Sask, playing at home :oops:
with all those distractions i hope Sask players dont get in trouble :wink:

I don't know, pressure might get to the Riders again and make this kind of mistake getting all frazzled and that:


I believe the fan noise will be the undoing for the Cats, unless they take the crowd out early but as a Stamp fan we've seen Burris choke in the big game more often than not. Huge advantage Riders.

Pennies pretty much done, so what better way to use them up!

And I don't believe for one second that Hamilton has "nothing to lose". A lot of sacrifice And dedication goes into a CFL season, and trips to the Grey Cup don't always happen. Just ask the Tiger Cat organization since 1999.

There have been a lot of Tiger Cat fans on this forum making comments about all the pressure on SSK, and downplaying this game. I think your expectations are too low. Play the game to win, and that is that.

Or are Tiger Cat fans downplaying the game because they realize they are going into a hornets nest and are going to get bit? (Pardon the Pun!) :cowboy:

I corrected that for you.

problem with this cartoon is that it wasn't the players fault, it was the coaches..

But coaches can lose games of course.

Good pick up, of course he meant prairie flamer types. :lol:

the players don't do head counts in saskatchetoon?

Tiger-Cats have played every game on the road this year, this one is just another day on another job site :rockin:

Poor Henry. It's a shame he's never had to handle a Grey Cup vs the hosting team before.

I guess he's also lucky he's not playing in a dome, with 20,000 extra hometown fans. Almost like the 2008 Grey Cup.

Still the loudest Grey Cup I've ever been too.

The waves (noise is waves of course from a physics point of view) from people yelling, banging etc. will get frozen in the prairie air from the seating area by the time it makes it to the field where at that time, it'll just be a whisper. 8)

Yep...don't think the noise will be any big deal, especially if the Cats score early. I'd be more worried about losing a player or two to frostbite. Forecast HIGH for is Sunday -2C but for Saturday it's -16C! Prairie weather can change very quickly but I'd be more than a bit concerned about counting on that huge shift in weather.....

Hopefully that warm front comes through on time. The colder weather favours Saskatchewan I would think. That said, Hamilton put up a stingy and successful effort against Montreal in near freezing temperatures, rain, sleet and heavy wind 2 weeks ago.

With respect to noise, as a Tiger-Cats fan I can only hope the club makes the appropriate preparations and plays with discipline come game time.