No way broadcaster Steve Tasker was missing Grey Cup

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Father and son. It is both a Cat Stevens classic and the great sporting connection.

Steve Tasker was in Atlanta on Sunday afternoon broadcasting a game for CBS between the Falcons and Detroit Lions when he nervously glanced at his phone and saw he had a text message.

“Punt return TD Brandon Banks,? the message from a family friend came in.

Some minutes later, his phone vibrated again.

“Punt return TD Brandon Banks.?

“And I’m thinking,? said Tasker, the former National Football League star and current broadcaster, “why does he keep repeating the same message??

After the game, he found out why: His son, Luke, the second-year receiver with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, was going to the Grey Cup.

Tasker got on the phone, called his bosses at CBS and made an unusual request. He asked for this Sunday off.

Luke Tasker, 23, is building a career. These are the early years. There will be more.

“I didn’t grow up dreaming of the Grey Cup. No one in America does. But you come here and you realize it’s huge. It’s what you want. I’m not (looking south at the NFL). That’s not me. I love Hamilton. I love this team. This is the most fun I’ve had playing football my whole life and I’m including my high school years. I may be in another country, but I’m only an hour away from home. This feels like home. I’ve dug in in Hamilton. I hope there’s a future for me here.?