No vote of confidnece from Caretaker?

Make what you want of it by I notice their is no usual vote of confidence from Caretaker telling us he is not firing any for the sake of replacing someone or what ever the standard line is after another loss. I think even BOB would have a hard time endorsing Marshall right now!

Bob and Katz were seen last night burning those white uniform pants......those things are jinxing this team! :lol:

Bring back the gold pants from 2004 and all will be fine! :wink:

Admitted..... they look awfull :o

Today's spec mentions that Bob said the job is STILL Marshall's for as long as he wants it.

That is why this team will never win as long as Bob is owner.

Maybe Bob has a bet going with his rich buddies to see how long he can keep filling Ivor wynne with a losing team.

Only one losing season so far.

wow, we're trashing Bob, the only reason we even have a football team.

Ingratitude at it's finest.

Bob needs to get a bigger pair of onions and do what the rest of us knows what he got to do the coach.

"Bob needs to get a bigger pair of onions and do what the rest of us knows what he got to do the coach."

Well the unlike you!

But seriously, I'm grateful for Bob and all but honestly, how does a man who admits he does not know a lot about football, continue to put his faith in a college coach who has proven he CAN'T adapt to the game at this level. I say bring back Lancaster for the remainder of the year and elvaluate then. I'm afraid with the Bombers hot start, we're already out of it this year! And NO that's not being's just even though we are improving slightly, we're not anywhere near being a playoff team!

Baffled, i agree whole-heartedly with your post. This is no fun for me, you, and certianly the people in the Ti-cat organization. It looks like Bob is willing to waste another year. He doesn't look like a stubborn man who is un-willing to admit his mistakes, but, apparently he is.

The silence from the front office these days is deafening!
Oddly enough, I think Hamilton is going to beat Calgary on Friday night and I'm looking forward to our first win of the season.
Whatever happens, however, I certainly wouldn't blame Caretaker.